Escape the Cold via YouTube to an S2000 Meet in Southern California

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Peep the many, many S2000s gathered in one parking lot on a cloudy day somewhere in Southern California.

Right now, most of the country is in the firm grasp of winter, where only places like Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles experience any sort of warmth. Not exactly the best time to drop the top on your S2000, to say the least.

For the lucky few S2000 owners who live in warmer climes, though, not only can they leave the top down (or off, if they have a hard top), they can meet with fellow S2K fans to celebrate Honda’s last great rear-drive roadster. One such meeting in Southern California was caught on camera by YouTuber Jael Nava, which also included a handful of NSXs, a Civic Type R, and some other cars.

S2000 NSK Irvine Plaza Meet 2019

“Today, we’re gonna be heading out towards Irvine, California, which is about an hour, and hour and a half away from San Diego… and we’re gonna be attending a very special meet,” says Nava while driving in his S2000. “While there are a lot of meets that take place throughout the year, this one is extra special because it takes place once a year, and it’s specific to S2000 and NSX owners alike.”

Nava goes on to say that the event should be so good, and have tons of S2000s and NSXs on display, that he would let the cars speak for themselves this time.

After The Man comes down to make a few S2000 owners park their cars straight in their spaces (instead of the cooler, Le Mans-style line-up), Nava begins his walk around the meet, checking out S2Ks like the three above, the yellow one he says has a replica hood. He also happens upon a GT-R parked in between a pair of S2Ks for some reason.

Next up is a black S2000 with what Nava believes has “European-slash-JDM second version AP1 headlights,” plus fenders that were rolled flat and painted. The white S2K next to it has red brake calipers with the Honda logo over them, hiding behind a set of Volk Racing Originals.

After cruising through a few NSXs, Nava returns to filming more S2000s, including this pair of red beauties dwarfed by the big, silver, definitely-not-a-Ridgeline truck next to them. The red S2K with the carbon fiber splitter and Advan GTs is a full-on time attack car ready for its next competition, while the nearly all-red S2K with the ASM body kit is subtle, and has an exposed carbon fiber trim near the end of the dip in the hood.

“We saw some cool cars, talked to some cool people… It’s also really interesting to kind of see… what people’s personalities are like in relation to what their car looks like,” Nava says. “It really is interesting to see kind of how people’s personalities bleed over into how they maintain and how they execute their car, the parts they put on, and how they maintain… really, really interesting stuff.”

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