Buy This Turbo Kit and Let Your S2000 Haul Some Serious Ass

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Full Race S2000 Turbo Kit for Sale

Full Race Prostreet S2000 turbo kit is a proven solution for big, reliable power gains.

There is an old adage for speed that says “cost, power, reliability: pick two.” However, what if we told you that you could have the power and reliability with at least a small dent in that dastardly cost thing? If you’re game, then it’s time to hit the Forced Induction parts for sale section on the S2KI forums. There, you would find all sorts of juicy power adder goodness, like this Full Race Prostreet turbo kit, listed for sale by user wojtekj1977.

According to the ad, the kit is in brand new, never used condition. Indeed, here is what our seller has to say about the kit:

Brand new Full-Race Honda S2000 ProStreet Turbo Kit, comes with Garrett GTX3576R turbo, Tial Q BOV and Tial 44mm MVR Wastegate and:
* Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Turbo Manifold
* Full-Race S2000 ProStreet 3″ Downpipe
* Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Intercooler
* Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Charge Piping
* Full-Race S2000 ProStreet Kit Box
* Full-Race S2000 Oil Filter Relocate Kit
Bought it recently with the intention to make it my S a street/highway monster although I am forced to upgrade the family car instead
Asking $5400US – Located in Toronto, Canada (shipping can be arranged at buyer’s expense)

Full Race S2000 Turbo Kit for Sale

Now, remember that cost, power, reliability holy trinity we mentioned at the beginning? Sure, $5,400 is a big chunk of change, but, if you check out Full Race’s website, that kit, as configured, is over $6,000. See, it is a deal, after all.

As to the power thing, well, every kit is a bit different, depending on how it’s configured. However, this setup is going to make an easy 400 WHP, and, probably, closer to 500 WHP depending on boost and fueling. For just $5,400 how can you beat that?

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