S2000 Enthusiast Goes for Casual Drive During Snow Storm in Japan

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AP1 S2000 roams the snowy Japanese countryside with ease thanks to a good set of winter tires.

There is something of a common thought among S2000 owners that these cars are, for whatever reason, somehow incapable of handling some slush, snow and salt on the ground. No, your garage-kept beauty isn’t just going to fall apart or instantly rust into pieces. Just ask YouTube personality kkkkciruit.

This Japan-based S2000 enthusiast uses their AP1 year-round, and, actually, has quite a lot of videos of their S2000 in the snow, rain, and at the race track. In this particular video, the Japanese countryside is covered with, seemingly, about half a foot of snow.

Driving Honda S2000 in the Snow

While, at certain points, we hear the driver managing the throttle to prevent wheelspin, but, overall, the S2000 seems to do a pretty admirable job navigating through the winter conditions. This is, no doubt, thanks to a set of 16-inch winter tires, which help this AP1 pull through the snow. The in-video annotations also note that the factory limited-slip differential is another helpful asset to this S2K.

Driving Honda S2000 in the Snow

Of course, this snowy adventure coincides with another hobby of this S2000 enthusiast, and that is a mountainside autoslalom. These autoslaloms, or autotests, are like North American autocross, where drivers navigate impromptu courses made from cones. However, the autoslalom is a bit different, simply because the courses are usually incredibly tight, requiring the use of the handbrake and some drifting to get around the course best.

Afterwards, it’s back to the powder, with this S2000 driver heading to a local ski resort, presumably to get some riding or skiing in, between winter driving sessions.

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