How Much Faster Is A Modded Civic Type R Than A Stock One?

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A stock Civic Type R is a very balanced machine as is. So what happens when you throw a bunch of mods at it?

Even in stock form, the new Honda Civic Type R has proven to be quite the competent machine. But still, we’re certain that most owners of this high capable car will begin modding them almost before the paint is dry. Because, well, that’s what we enthusiasts do. But sometimes, modding a car that’s already so great can lead to disappointing results. So we were more than a little curious to see the results of this video from YouTuber Zygrene pitting a stock Type R against a modded one on the track.

A stock Civic Type R is one of the more balanced, masterfully engineered vehicles you can buy today. So what happens if you throw off that balance by changing things around? In this case, the owner of the modded car didn’t just throw a bunch of parts at it, in all fairness. It’s a well thought out build, with a wheel and tire upgrade, suspension bits, bigger brakes, and lots more. So can the stock Civic Type R keep up on some hot laps? Well, no.

Honda Civic Type R

Granted, the sticky Advan tires on the modded Type R make a huge difference here. The Continentals on the stock car start to give up only a few corners into the first lap, and as a result the car fades quickly. Two laps in, they’re pretty much toast. “The 30 profile tire just starts to roll over,” our host notes. “It’s really too thin. The tire itself, the compound just isn’t that sticky.” As a result, the stock Type R ran a 2:08 on its best lap.

Honda Civic Type R

Surprisingly, the modded Type R exhibits more understeer. But way, way more grip. “The braking is incredible,” our host notes. “But I don’t even have to brake in corners.” That’s good enough for a 2:04 lap, which is a nice improvement over the stock car. So to answer our original question – yes, a modified Civic Type R is faster than a stock one. So long as you pick the right mods!

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