F22-Powered S2000 Uses Prodigious Boost to Hit 1,000 HP

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Cramming 42 psi into a built four-cylinder is enough to propel this insane S2000 to some pretty impressive speeds.

We’ve gotten to the point where cars with 700 or 800 hp are, hilariously enough, yawn inducing. Unless you’re pumping out four figures, you’re just pretending, right? It seems pretty insane, but it’s true. Modern performance cars are making crazy power with little more than boost, a tune, and adequate fuel. And that’s all fine and dandy, but those cars are also quite heavy. Stuff 1,000 hp in a Honda S2000, and you’ve got a different kind of animal altogether.

An animal like this particular F22-powered, sequential trans-equipped, boost monster featured in this video from That Racing Channel. Obviously, squeezing 1,000 hp out of a four-cylinder requires more than a little boost. So this PTE 6466-equipped machine uses a stout 42 psi to hit that lofty number. Not to mention blaze the quarter-mile in a mere 8.7 seconds. Unsurprisingly, it ain’t a bad roll racer, either.

Honda S2000

Interestingly enough, this S2000 wasn’t always a track ripper, as the owner explains. “I’ve had this car for three or four years now. It was my daily driver for a while until I picked up a Civic daily. I pretty much had to turbo my S2000 right after that. It’s gone through a few different iterations. At first I really just wanted to keep it a street car. After I got my daily sorted I got a little bit more greedy.”

Honda S2000

The S2000 progressed naturally through many stages, mostly on the stock motor. But the faster he got, the more his itch intensified. And when drivetrain components started to fail, he started replacing them with serious gear. Today, he’s got what amounts to one of the baddest S2000s on the planet. And his humble roadster has no problem running with all the exotic machinery he faces on the half-mile circuit. Or any circuit, for that matter.

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