Time Attack Racer Fixes Their S2000, Then Promptly Crashes It

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Brake and power delivery issues compound into a run-in with the wall for this S2000 at Mid-Ohio.

Lately, life has been pretty tough for our favorite S2000 track racer, Jackie Ding. Most recently, he’s experienced some troubles with his supercharger, which was just flat out refusing to produce boost. Undaunted, he was eager to test his new setup recently at Mid-Ohio. But little did he know, the supercharger was going to be the least of his issues this less-than-fine day at the track.

In fact, it would be the fresh front end setup on his S2000 that would be the recipient of a beating. Before heading out on the track, he gives us a run down of the front end. Which consists of a new BM Spec splitter and Group A Motorsport front bumper. Ding calls his new S2000 fascia “a hybrid of the Spoon style,” with fog light covers and brake ducts. But the two little indents are more what he calls “street style,” yet together with the splitter help produce more downforce.

Jackie Ding S2000

Together with his new supercharged engine putting down 395 wheel hp, Ding obviously has high hopes for his S2000. Unfortunately, that doesn’t translate to success on the track at first. The car was still experiencing ABS issues and didn’t feel fast on the straights, either. And suddenly, heading into a corner, Ding waited a little too long to mash the whoa pedal. His brakes locked up and he slid over the grass into the wall.

Jackie Ding S2000

Thankfully, Ding was fine. And so was the drivetrain of his S2000. The front end, however, suffered a good bit of damage. On the bright side, it was almost completely cosmetic. And Ding’s already working on getting everything fixed and this S2000 back on the track. We wish him the best, and look forward to seeing him finally overcome all these gremlins!

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