Wild Race Shop Tour Showcases an S2000 in Every Flavor

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From swapped to built and even something absurd, this shop has it all.

Honda fanatic HondaPro Jason took a tour of KAB Customs, a shop in North Lauderdale, Florida. KAB Customs seems to have an S2000 for nearly everyone out there: track cars, street cars, etc. A guy named Andres gives Jason the tour and boy do they have some cool stuff. We like seeing a shop that can build cars at both ends of the spectrum, especially when those cars are S2000s.

Right off the bat there’s a pair of red S2000s, one that’s all-motor and looks like its setup for a track day. The stroked F22, which is putting down 300+ according to Andres, should be a blast at the track. When you’re looking for linear power skipping forced induction is the way to go. Though, if you’re looking for a little more power the second car on the tour is definitely the way to go.

Honda S2000 Turbo

“Everything is like attention to detail,” Andres explains. “It’s a twin-scroll setup, it should make, with that turbo, close to 800 horse.” Dang! Good thing too, since there’s nothing worse than a sick widebody car without the power to back up the looks.

Honda S2000 Turbo

There are a few cool swapped cars. You have the obligatory LS swapped S2000. A gold S2000 has an LS6 from a Z06 Corvette in it. Not half bad! There’s a 1973 Toyota Celica that has some JDM flair and a turbocharged F22 swapped in place of the anemic Toyota mill. We’re equal opportunity enthusiasts, especially when they come with an F22 under the hood. Perhaps the coolest swapped car, however, is Andres’ personal Honda del Sol. The car has a turbo B series under the hood. The cool part though is the all-wheel drive system. This is no CR-V swap, but the entire S2000 rear subframe with an 8.8 rear-end. “Is this a customer car?” Jason asked Andres. “No,” he replies with a laugh, “this is one of mine.” Good man.

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