If You Don’t Celebrate Your S2000’s Birthday, Do You Really Even Like It?

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S2000 enthusiast’s Instagram page showcases true dedication to his ride.

Sure, you may like your S2000. Who wouldn’t? It’s one of best driving, pure sports cars to ever come out of Japan. But, do you love your ride enough to celebrate it’s “birthday?” Because, that’s exactly what Instagrammer Jesse Jia did, and we are here for it.

Jia is a hardcore S2000 enthusiast, who has owned several of them, including his current AP1, a hardcore, track-focused ride. Just because he thrashes the car hard on track doesn’t mean that it’s not important to him, as this video clip shows.

S2000 Owner Celebrates Car's Birthday with Cake and Candle

Jia is sitting in the driver’s seat of his AP1 as the camera focuses on the odometer, which has just cracked 40,000 miles. So, that’s the “birthday” being celebrated, but no ordinary IG post will suffice for Jia. He went out and bought a small birthday cake for his S2000, complete with lit candle. He then proceeds to hold the cake in front of the driver’s air vent, which has the A/C blasting. The A/C “blows out” the birthday candles, making for one of the most original, and funny S2000 IG posts we’ve seen in a long time.

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