How Often Do You Change the Oil in Your S2000 Between Track Days?

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Honda S2000 Oil Change

Tracking your S2000 also means that you should change your oil more often. But how often is too often?

For the average, non-car enthusiast, changing oil is something that only happens every 5,000-10,000 miles. And under normal use, even that might be overkill. But for those of us that drive our cars in a more, um, spirited manner, maintenance should occur on a more frequent basis. But just how often should track participants should change the oil in their S2000? Well, that’s up for debate. So RedCelica posed the question in this forum thread.

“Was rather scolded recently when I told some folks that since I only do 6-7 events per year, and MAYBE put 1,000 miles on the car, I had been changing my oil (Amsoil Signature) once a year. At least two folks told me that it’s commonplace to change your oil either after EVERY track event or every other one. That seems a bit excessive. What’s your interval?”

Honda S2000 Oil Change

The responses to this query were, as you might imagine, pretty varied.

“Three track days, which is about 1,200-1,500 miles driving to, on, and from track events,” said Bullwings. “I’ve sent my oil out for analysis, and they have said that I can likely do longer frequencies. BUT, they did note that the oil definitely showed signs of being track driven.”

“I change it every 5 or 6 track days,” said s2kshepard. “I do 2-4 track days a month. It’s fairly unreasonable to me to change every single track day. I don’t send it for analysis, I send it into the braking zone.”

But as circuitclub points out, how will you truly know the perfect timing without performing some sort of analysis?

“Other than oil analysis, I don’t see how you could determine the ‘optimal’ interval. I use to change it every event, now I do every other event. No data, but just lazier. I just to change transmission and diff fluid 2-3 times a year since these components had no “cooling system,” but now I do it every year.”

Honda S2000 Oil Change

And there are plenty of folks, including spaded.racer, who have data to back up their S2000 maintenance schedules.

“I’ve done data analysis since getting my AP2. Running Amsoil Dominator 10w30. Last year I put the most miles/time on it. 3,300 miles on the last oil change, 11+ events, 3 that were 2-500 miles away. Blackstone said the oil looked great and no worries to run it longer. I plan on doing more track events in the future mixed in with autocross, so we’ll see how the oil analysis looks in the future.”

And that’s just scratching the surface of the many, many responses this thread has seen from track happy S2000 owners. Thus, we want to know how often you change the oil in your own car. So head over here and let us know!

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