AP1 S2000 Sells for Tidy Profit After One Year of Ownership

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Honda S2000

How would you like to buy an S2000, drive it 2,300 miles in one year, then sell it for a $1,750 profit?

It’s no secret that the Honda S2000 market continues to climb and reach new heights. Which is a good thing and a bad thing, of course. Bad for those who are looking to get behind the wheel of Honda’s legendary roadster. But good for folks who already own one and are looking to either score a profit or keep an appreciating asset in their garage. This beautiful Silverstone AP1 S2000 falls into the latter category, especially since it only has 27k miles on the clock.

Funny enough, the seller has only owned this particular car for around a year. He acquired it from Bring a Trailer back in April of 2018, with 25k miles on the clock, for the price of $18,750. Now, after driving it around and enjoying it for a while, he’s sold the car, once again at BaT, for $20,500. That’s a tidy profit of $1,750, for those who are counting. In effect, it’s almost like someone paid the guy to enjoy a cool car for a year. How awesome is that?

Honda S2000

There are many key factors that go into this kind of winning deal, of course. For starters, this S2000 is bone stock. Mods aren’t a deal breaker for many, but in the eyes of collectors, they’re a bad thing. The paint on this AP1 is original as well, and looks quite nice after a paint correction and ceramic coating. The wheels have also been refinished and clear-coated, so they look like brand new as well.

Throw in a perfect red interior and super sanitary engine bay, and you’ve got a car virtually guaranteed to appreciate. Or at least hold its value. The S2000 also comes with a clean Carfax and service history. Which includes little more than a fresh battery and requisite oil changes. The only real knock against this gorgeous car is the fact that the tires need to be replaced.

 Honda S2000

Not a bad deal for a guy who got to drive and enjoy this clean S2000 for 2,300 miles over the course of a year. It’s hard to imagine getting to do that and make a tidy profit. But that’s the reality in the world we live in today. Heck, he probably would have made out even better had he waited another year or two. So maybe, just maybe, the S2000 is finally proving the notion that cars are depreciating assets wrong.

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