Turbo S2000 Track Car for Sale At A Killer Price

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turbo s2k for sale

Don’t sleep too long on this S2000, we are sure it will be gone soon.

So you are considering buying an S2000 and you want to make sure you make a good purchase. We understand that, everybody wants full value for their dollar. However, there are some options that are good and others that definitely aren’t. Now let’s say you are buying an S2K with the intention of tracking it. Well, the standards to what you might judge what is a “good” and “bad” car have now changed. What exactly does that entail? Let’s find out.

Whether this is your first S2K or your third, thankfully, the forums have given us the option of finding some nice examples easily. The one we will be discussing today was just put up for sale a couple days ago by forum memeber drmthtr59 and we doubt it will last for long before being sold.

Before stating anything else, the first thing you must realize is that this is a track car and it has seen track miles. It is not a garage beauty queen that only sees sunlight for shows, which is the way we prefer it. What you also must know is that this car was used for autocross and not road courses.

For the unversed, autocross places substantially less wear and stress on a vehicle than a road course. Because by nature of the sport, the car is only going to be driven hard for a minute or so per run. This is in comparison to a road course car, which will see literal to-the-limit driving at much higher speeds for over 20 minutes at a time, several times throughout a single day. It is almost apples to oranges.

Now that that is clear, let’s discuss the car itself. From what we know about the posting, it is a 2000 AP1 with 160k on the body and 100k on a rebuild motor from Honda. If I was buying the car, I would ask for the records for that rebuild. Now, an obvious selling point of this car is the fact the F20C has been turbocharged with a Garrett T3 turbo kit. We are unsure of what kit this is so we would also ask about more details.

What we do know is the owner hasn’t cheaped out on the 1000cc injectors, the standalone AEM ECU, and the Mishimoto cooling setup. These are quality parts and you wouldn’t buy them if you didn’t care about the car. The same goes for the wideband 02, water, and, oil gauges, which are a necessity with any turbo build. Everything else looks very standard and seems to do the trick as far as track cars go and if you want more details about the car, please check out the post.

Now for the biggest question of all: is it worth the price? Considering its $10,000 OBO, we would safely say that that’s an amazing deal for what looks to be a well sorted build that would perform without issue on track. If you are local to the area and have been waiting to find the right one, we would definitely take this into consideration.

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