Turbo S2000 Wakes Up All of Australia with Vicious Anti-lag

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After hearing this S2k backfire off-throttle, we think the F20c should have come turbo from the factory.

Did you ever have that friend that talks about all the things he’s going to do to his S2K and then never did any of them and always made an excuse when asked about it? You know, the guy who said he was going to build his F20C and do a custom turbo kit on it? The guy who said he was going to buy every piece of Voltex aero possible and then go to the track for the first time? The guy who said he was really going to spend $3k+ on wheels and even more on rare JDM flares to fit them? Well, this isn’t your guy.

Thanks to That Racing Channel, we have the pleasure of checking out what we think is one of the coolest S2000s in Australia, built by a man named Paul. We like Paul, because he talks the talk, and walks the walk. Let’s find out some more about his car.

Turbo AP1

According to Paul, he bought his 2000 AP1 4 years ago and it was in terrible condition. It had chopped springs and the paint was peeling. So you better believe it took him an arm and a leg to get his AP1 to the point it is today.

Starting with the interior, Paul went to Japan to source some JDM AP2 seats with cloth-inserts. If Japan is only a few hours away, we would probably be taking trips on a monthly basis no doubt. The interior also features a custom steering wheel wrapped in leather and alcantara with a US-based center console to get the handbrake on the driver’s side.

Moving to the exterior and engine mods, the car features some beautiful Volk Racing CE28 SL with an Alcon BBK. Fitted in the rear is a custom rear diffuser alongside custom LED taillights. The car was tuned my legendary Australian tuner Haltech and current makes around 400 HP to the wheels on a conservative low boost tune of 12 psi with Garrett GTX 3580R turbo. The F20C block has been sleeved and rebuilt, but Paul is waiting for bigger injectors before pushing more power.

However, this isn’t the original engine that came with the car, that engine met the end of its life after running the drag strip on Paul’s old turbo set-up. However, he and his friend quickly swapped out the old engine for a new one in his garage over the weekend. This new motor features CP pistons and Carrillo Rods, ARP head studs, and Ferrea Racing valvetrain. Helping maintain that power on the road is a unspecified Nissan differential swap and shaft swap.

Last but not least, a shiny red button to engage the S2K’s rolling anti-lag to build boost off-throttle. We wouldn’t mind a little button like that ourselves. Thanks for the cool car Paul, we hope to see it making even more power soon!

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