Built Honda S2000 Throws Down at Legendary Laguna Seca Raceway

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Pro driver and instructor Kevin Burke hits legendary track for the first time in his S2000, and the results are solid.

Few race tracks in the world are quite as legendary as central California’s Laguna Seca, ahem, WeatherTech Raceway. Much of this, of course, is thanks to the course’s signature downhill corkscrew at turns 8 and 8A. But also because it’s served up exciting races of all kinds for decades now. Thus, Laguna Seca is a bucket list track for just about anybody who likes to drive fast. And that includes pro racer and instructor Kevin Burke, who also happens to own a pretty sweet Honda S2000.

Despite his many years of motorsports experience and success, this was Burke’s very first time on the legendary track. And sadly, he only got in two good sessions before he experienced a few car troubles. But Burke still lays down a respectable lap time of 1:41:81 in this video, and feels like the car has a 1:40 in it. And for a guy who’s hitting this circuit for the first time, it sure didn’t look like it.

Honda S2000

Burke’s wicked S2000 features a Rockstar Garage/Laskey built F22 blueprinted to OEM specs. Inside, it’s stuffed with CP pistons, Carillo rods, ACL race bearings, an OEM crank, and Benton sleeves. The head has been redone with Brian Cower valves/springs/retainers/keepers, and the cams are from an AP2 S2000. An EVS 70mm exhaust, modified intake, and Rockstar-tuned Hondata ECU help coax out a respectable 226 hp at the wheels.

Honda S2000

That’s not too shabby for a car that weighs a mere 2,641 pounds sans driver. And it handles quite nicely thanks to an S2000 WiseFab grip kit, Rockstar Garage Spec Feal 443 coilovers, and TB Performance Products front and rear strut bars. Slowing things down is easy thanks to Stoptech C43 front and C42 brakes.

Honda S2000

Aero is obviously key for a track car like this, and this S2000 has several things manipulating the air. They include a Voltex Type 7 Swan neck, AP2 front splitter, CR lip, EVS Carbon bumper cap, an OEM hardtop, and Trackspec Motorsports hood and fender louvers.

Overall, Burke’s S2000 is a nicely balanced machine that has no problem carving up tracks with ease. As we can clearly see in this video. Now, we’re looking forward to seeing what he can really do with a few laps under his belt!

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