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Video of the Week – TV Commercial

In case you haven’t already seen it…

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Motorsports for the Common Man

  My autocross student was driving a VW Beetle. Not the new one; a 1966 model in shades of rust and yellow, to which he had fitted a 2-liter motor and no safety equipment whatsoever. The phrase “deathtrap” seemed to emanate from every chipped, greasy panel gap. After a mental check of my life insurance […] More »

  Comments | By - July 31, 2012

The art of racing in the rain

There is no denying that rain can be the bane of our driving existence . We cringe at the thought of raising the top and driving through puddles and rivulets on the roads, dreading the clean up in store and cursing the weather gods. It also doesn’t help that often times our car is setup […] More »

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