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Curated Content Editor 02-12-2019 10:24 AM

Electric Swapped Honda S2000: Brilliance or Blasphemy
Electric Swapped Honda S2000: Brilliance or Blasphemy
By Christopher Hurst

Electric S2000s shock the interwebs.

zeroptzero 02-12-2019 11:45 AM

An S2000 should not be quiet.

JonBoy 02-12-2019 12:30 PM

At that point, all you have is a chassis built to handle with more power than it was designed to hold, going in a straight line. Why ruin an S2000 to do it? Pick some common RWD car and mod that instead. A Mustang with solid rear axle would seem the obvious choice (or a Camaro).

It's neat but such a waste of a masterful chassis (for its day)...

VilleS2K 02-13-2019 11:51 AM

Complete and utter blasphemy. Props for the work. But still blasphemy.

lolS2K 02-13-2019 02:43 PM

thinmint did it first. Although, I don't know what became of that build.

The Raptor 02-13-2019 03:14 PM

Interesting, though. It would surprise the crap out of a lot of people.:faint:

FearlessFife 02-14-2019 10:55 AM

Different strokes for different folks.

Honestly the motor was one of the big draws for me and has kept my S2000 in the garage for nearly 14 years. I like the ingenuity of going electric, but definitely prefer the F20C. And I have never been a fan of purpose built dragster S2000s either, negates the other engineering genius of the S2000's design, the suspension and chassis.

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