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S2020 02-06-2019 11:05 AM

interesting read
loooong read (with everyone's attention being shorter these days) but quite interesting.
not really car but Carlos Ghosn is a big figure in the car world.

vader1 02-06-2019 11:35 AM

Don't have quite the free cyber-loafing time at work right now but it looks interesting and bookmarked for later. Thanks for the heads up!

zeroptzero 02-06-2019 12:13 PM

wow, he was always reported to be the brightest mind in the automotive world of CEO's, and has now plummeted to this all time low. At his age, he could be in jail for the rest of his life. Classic case of the rich trying to get richer, never happy with just earning multi-millions and trying to squeak out every last cent.

JonBoy 02-06-2019 12:50 PM

Oh, how the mighty have fallen... That's what happens when people without strong character are given great power - they ultimately abuse it.

The Raptor 02-06-2019 03:49 PM

An incredible set up, Ninh. An interesting read, indeed.

mosesbotbol 02-07-2019 05:16 AM

To me, I feel they are treating him unfair, but I am not familiar with the legal system in Japan.

zeroptzero 02-07-2019 06:38 PM

Probably viewed much different in Japanese culture, if you steal a bike in Japan that is a serious crime, using company money for personal benefit is a big no-no.

vader1 02-08-2019 06:42 AM

I could never ever under any circumstances make it to a billionaire or even under a net worth of over ten million as a businessman because once I got my business to that level, I would want to sell, quit and see the world for the rest of my life. I am happiest traveling and not accumulating big giant things, although I obviously like cars.

I don't begrudge anyone who makes crap tons of money, they earn it, they can keep it, I am not jealous of it and don't feel the need to confiscate it and transfer it to others. It's an Ayn Rand "you made it, it belongs to you" kind of philosophy. I don't find really successful billionaires greedy for just being successful if that is what they want to do with their lives as long as they just build a fair and successful business that people willingly give their money to for a product or service.

With that said...............I don't get the unmitigated greed from some people that are highly compensated, into the millions of dollars with tons of extravagant perks, and feel the need to loot and steal more. He was stealing from the workers of the company, he was stealing from the shareholders, he was stealing from the consumers. All because he probably had a 100 foot yacht, but wanted a 150 foot yacht. If he just made his ten million a year and people said he was a crappy person because he was rich, as if that is somehow evil, I would step in to defend him. But when that is not enough and he has to swindle more for himself, then I am fine throwing him to the wolves.

LagunaPearlAP2 02-08-2019 12:41 PM

That site has a great soundcloud audio version of the article as well, for those who are able to listen to something, but not read, during work hours. This was a great article thank you!

Ghosn should be punished for effectively stealing money, but more importantly, punished for making Nissan into a car you only see in rental car fleets!

zeroptzero 02-08-2019 01:12 PM

Yes Vader that was the point I was also making, someone can make 10's of millions a year in salary, perks, stock options etc. but they still need to skim a few more 100,000 off the top, it's an insatiable appetite.

The article also points out how poorly run Nissan really was, not something I had ever heard or known about, but perhaps one company that should have been out of business years ago much like GM.

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