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Mazda 3 2.5 manual

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Default Mazda 3 2.5 manual

Do any of you own one or have experience with one? I am always entertaining a replacement for my 2004 CR-V. I just returned from a 2000 mile road trip in my Moms new Mazda CX-5 and I must say I REALLY like it. The little 2.5L engine does an ok job even in the 3500+ lb SUV so I bet it would be great with a manual transmission in a 2900 lb Mazda 3. I really like the smoothness and willingness to rev of the motor and the interior and infotainment system is really nice as well. I really didn't think I cared about such luxury appointments but after spending a week with this car I'm beginning to change my mind. The steering weight is nice and the handling is good for an SUV. I had no trouble holding 80-85mph on grades and hitting an occasional 95-100 on empty straights. It seems Mazda uses similar interior parts across their lineup such as the seats and steering wheel which I really like in the CX-5. Adding another 10+mpg, a lower center of gravity, 600 lbs less weight and a manual transmission to the CX-5 sounds like a winner to me. What do you all think of the Mazda 3?
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Can't go wrong with that car. I think the interior looks best-in-class (preference, not fact) and the exterior looks pretty good as well (I prefer the wagon/hatchback). It's also a relatively "simple" car - not too crazy with tech and it should be reliable.

THAT SAID, have you tried a new Civic? I think it's a more solid car, overall. It's not quite as fun, perhaps, but it gets better fuel economy, it's faster (turbo), it's a newer design and it comes with a manual transmission as well (0-60 in well under 7s) and it's a very solid-handling car as well. If you can get past the looks (it's nowhere near as classy as the Mazda, in my opinion), I'd argue it's a better buy for most people. It's based on the newest Honda chassis architecture, which it shares with the Accord (ie, it's on a "better" platform than most, because it's based on a more expensive platform for a higher class of vehicle).
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Old 09-21-2017, 06:02 PM
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Wife is on her second 3, hers is a 2015 with 2.5. 100,000 miles on her first gen and 60,000 on current. No issues with either car. I have only driven it a couple times and it was decent but she has the auto. Hers is loaded and has every feature my loaded BMW has except heads up display at half the price.
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Mazda is what I'd buy over the Honda products in all classes. They're building some good stuff and the interiors rock.
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If you're not in a big rush; I would really advise waiting until next year or even a bit later if need be for the next Gen Mazda 3 to come out with the Sky Active X HCCI engine. 20-30% improvement in fuel economy over outgoing models, probably other improvements as well. Sounds very promising.

2019 Mazda 3 with Skyactiv-X Compression-Ignition Gas Engine Prototype Drive | Review | Car and Driver
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Originally Posted by rob-2 View Post
Mazda is what I'd buy over the Honda products in all classes. They're building some good stuff and the interiors rock.
In addition to my S I own a 2017 Mazda 3 4-door hatch Grand Touring A/T. A hoot to drive. This is what Honda used to be. A really strong 185 hp motor. I can't believe the power on the freeway. Just put it in sport mode and zoom, zoom zoom. Great handling, excellent interior. And $2k cash back if that offer is still in effect. I've owned more Honda's than I can remember, but with the purchase of this car, am totally sold on Mazda. A great car company with great products.
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Originally Posted by rob-2 View Post
Mazda is what I'd buy over the Honda products in all classes. They're building some good stuff and the interiors rock.
The interior part should not be undersold. The new ones especially are best in class and better than many more expensive cars. A decked out GTI comes close for interior quality at the price point.
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I love my wife's 2016 CX-5. Even with the auto, it's fun to drive. Mazda did a great job with the throttle and transmission calibrations. It's pretty telepathic with the downshifts and how fast you want to accelerate. No waiting for the downshift like so many other cars. When my wife was on the test drive, the sport mode sold her on the car which made it fun for her to dice thru city traffic. The downshifts are fantastic with the auto too. Of course, non-applicable with the manual, but I'm sure the throttle and steering are just as good. I just paid off my 2012 CT200h which is my DD (S2k is saved for weekends and track days and the occasional drive to work) and I've been tempted to sell it to get a Mazda3 hatch. But I'm already at the bottom of depreciation curve, so I might as well ride it out for a few years to get my money's worth... and wait for the Skyactiv-X engine to come to market.
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I really like the Mazda 3s. Have you looked at the 6 with manual trans?
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I have a 2011 Mazda 3 with the 2.5 and a 6 speed stick.

Use it as a winter car, airport car, city car, carry the dog around car, go to Costco car.

Has about 64k miles on it.

Bought it new in 2011.

No problems with it.

Fun to drive, nice interior.

I would buy another Mazda.
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