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Hired an F Type

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Default Hired a F Type

What a 24 hours!! 450 miles clocked up and I'm absolutely smitten with the F Type. I hired it to see what I may fancy for my 40th. Already test driven a Z4 35is and 981 Boxster S

Upon arrival I was told that there a problem with the booking, I instantly felt sick, only to be told they didn't have the V6 and I'd have make do with 2018 V8 R. Normally I welcome any car upgrade, but this I wasn't sure about. I was never planning on test driving the V8, always had my heart set on the V6S as I'm a believer in less is more and to be quite honest the V8 power is "wasted" on the Scottish roads up. Anyway, didn't have a choice, so just had to get on with it!

Negatives (I’ll get these out the way)
- Seats are not all that supportive, but are very comfortable. I think they’re the same seats as you get in the 400 Sport, not sure if they’re optional or not.
- Cruising at 80mph feels like 50mph
- Entertainment and touch screen is a faff. Much prefer an iDrive type setup. Also the screen is very difficult to read with the roof down and sun shining.
- Not a fan of the alacntara interior, but that’s just spec.
- Meridian Sounds system is decent, but given it’s a payable option I wasn’t blown away.
- Ride is firm, but acceptable for this type of car. It did get little jiggly at times on the worst single track roads, but we’re talking 10 miles out of 450.
- Sun visors are tiny! Lol
- Prefer the look of the V6 exhausts
- Not much engine\induction noise
- Can feel it’s weight on slow first gear corners.

- Looks clearly! This is what attracted me to the F type first and foremost, I don’t think I need to add any justification on this point. Although I’m not a fan of black cars, would never buy one. But it’s clearly a head turner, got a lot of attention, folk walking up to it when it was parked, kids giving thumbs up etc.
- I’ve been in some fast cars, even a few older supercars (Gallardo, 360CS etc, but WOW!!!! So much grunt, relentless acceleration
- The noise… even more impressive than the performance! No idea how a car is allowed to leave a factory in this nanny state sounding like that, sensational. The noises you can get it to make are unbelievable, especially up against a dry stone dyke, tunnel or in town. Certainly wouldn’t need an aftermarket exhaust, which is usually something I do. Louder blips when changing down would be my only slight criticism.
- ZF box is very responsive, not need for dual clutch here. Drove 90% in manual mode. Really enjoyed using the paddles.
- Makes you feel very very special. A junior\affordable supercar.
- Handling is better than I expected for a big car, it was a slight concern I’ll be honest, but not now.
- Averaged 22mpg which is actually quite respectable give how it was driven.
- Love the V8 side skirts, really adds depth to the side of the car
- Steering wheel is very nice, didn't feel too big which I read in a few reviews.

So what next? I really need to try the V6 and make a decision what I want for my 40th. Hope I’m not disappointed after driving the V8. But the F type feels so much more special than the Boxster in every way. Always entertaining whether cruising or blasting, just has soooooo much character.

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Here's my Boxster review if anyone is interested.

Good stuff
• Car is immaculate, had front end prep done, side skirts were covered in vinyl so no chips. Rear bumper would need sprayed to be prestige, just behind the wheels are pebble dashed.
• Inside is fine, nice enough place, wouldn’t say special. Seats are really nice and comfy, but just only two way adjustable, so you can’t tighten the bolsters, could do with them being a little more snug.
• Cabin size is perfect, not too big, not too small for a weekender. Really good.
• Great driving position.
• Lovely looking thing, good road presence, saw him pull up and the black wheels with the red callipers behind really set the car off.
• Normal suspension mode is all you ever need on the road, sport all got a bit fidgety and felt like it was tramlining more.
• REALLY neutral chassis, brilliant handling. But does feel like the limits would be sky high. Chucked it into some corners and it just got on with it, huge grip, not a huge amount of feedback.
• PDK is ace, although did have the urge to heal and toe into one of my favourite corners
• Engine is nice, but doesn’t take central stage like in the Z4M, although see my last thought below. Probably because it’s a better all-rounder or just a newer generation and more refined.
• Feels solid, as in sturdy….
• No rattles that I could hear, rare in a roadster

Not so good:
• I'm told the PSE was valves were stuck open, but just wasn't that loud. Starting to wonder if I'm goingn deaf
• Very little popping and crackling when letting off, even in Sport. So is it an issue with the exhaust or because it's missing sport chrono?
• Steering wheel could be more direct, by that I mean a shorter ratio.
• Brakes felt a bit too solid, not much modulation at all and not very powerful, although I bet they are.
• Car seemed jerky and slow between 2000rpm and 3500rpm on anything more than half throttle. Felt like the Z4M did, almost like there is some sort of torque restriction going on in 2nd and 3rd, or traction control interfering.
• Nav looks old, assume you can turn the screen off anyway.
• More wind buffering that I expected.

Totally forgot to listen to the Bose sounds system.

Not a positive or negative, but car sounds way better with the roof up, much more engine noise and even the exhaust sounds deeper and bass-ier.

Impressed with Porsche so far, nice guy, just let me enjoy the test drive, not trying to make crap chat. But very well informed on the car. Usually these guys don’t have a clue about half of the options\functions, it’s me telling them. The pressure to commit etc

So to conclude, can you please build me F type roadster bodied car, with an S54 engine, attached to a PDK box and 981 handling and driving position

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soupdragon has a lovely red F-Type V6, so may be worth a pm.
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Interesting reading - thanks.

Now go drive a Lotus!
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Great pic at the top

Too big for me these but I like the Coupe a lot
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Originally Posted by Nick Graves View Post
Interesting reading - thanks.

Now go drive a Lotus!
Always admired the new V6 Exige roadster. However, one absolute must for me is the ability to carry my mountain bike on my weekend car and also to be able to put the roof up and down quickly when I do get the opportunity to take it to work or other places. Neither works with the Exige. I'd also have considered the Alfa 4C convertible too if these factors weren't critical.
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