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Past or present E92 M3 owners?

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Originally Posted by S2K-RS View Post
Just incase people find this thread in the future, here's an update. I've had the car a few months now and done about 4000 miles as a daily driver. Still really enjoying it and glad I switched. I'd say it's an excellent do-it-all car. Fast, sounds great, comfortable and well built. Engine and gearbox, not surprisingly I prefer the M3. The novelty of banging it through the gears hasn't worn off yet, I'm glad to say. It's also great to just cruise around in, which I found the S2000 never was. The engine sounds good at any revs and the extra comfort is very welcome. I also prefer the M3's handling over my S2000 as well. The extra weight doesn't feel like a hindrance on the road and it's a very fun car to chuck around. The steering seems very direct and has more feedback than my S2000; that always felt a bit vague to me.

On track, I'd still prefer the S2000 I think. Mainly because I could probably live with that being written off, whereas the M3 is a good chunk more money. I'd even taken out extra insurance but the excesses are so big it still weighed on my mind a bit. The brakes were also totally standard, so I took it easy really. MDM mode made me feel like a driving god in the wet, so that was a plus! Maybe once I've had the car a bit longer I won't be so uptight about damaging it, but for now, road-driving is loads of fun again!

The only downsides I can currently think of are the tax and MPG (rubbish obviously), and the DCT is a bit annoying around town sometimes. I'll probably look into upgrading the software eventually. Apart from that, happy so far!

Pretty much agree with all of that, after owning mine for 3.5yrs and 35k miles I still enjoy it!

Get the GTS gearbox software, it will make the box soooo smooth.

I just had one of the actuators replaced under warranty and the throttle feels so much smoother, it must've gradually got worse. Hope the other one goes before my warranty runs out.
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