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RedCelica 03-21-2015 08:08 PM

New baby is finally home
and by boy I mean AP1. For the longest I've been preaching that if anyone wanted a dedicated track car the AP1 was the obvious choice over the AP2. Don't get me wrong, the whole reason I got a later model car is because I couldn't bring myself to rip/cut the interior of the AP2...it's just too nice. Also, I didn't like the idea of putting a $20000 S2000 into a wall, I'd rather it be less of an investment loss (sure, there's track insurance and all but ya know...). So I found this AP1 for sale a week ago in none other than the Carolina FS section. The owner, ORIGINAL owner, Bob, had posted it for sale back in September and had no bites. He recently had bumped the thread for spring and I came across it. After a dozen PMs or so back and forth we finally came to an arrangement, only problem was logistics since the car was located in Brevard. It really couldn't have worked out much better as my wife and I had a conference in Charlotte a few days later.

Fast forward to Friday. Wife and I depart from Charlotte and drive the 2 hour trip to Brevard. We meet Bob and his wife across the street from the bank. Bob was a really nice guy and I had a lot of respect for his choices that he made with the car. It seemed well taken care of an with the odometer reading 25590 I had a feeling the car was in pretty good shape. The buddy club race seats fit perfect and I felt like part of the car. Bob was quick to suggest a test drive so we tooled up a forest road with VTEC screaming and the distinctive whine of the 4.57 gears. The KW V3s, while a bit stiff, rode nicely and handle the road's inconsistencies well. I got back and when my wife saw the shit-eating grin on my face hers was solemn...I was about to buy this car.

We all 4 journey to the bank, finalize the transaction and I could see the sadness in Bob's face as he handed me the box of paperwork and went over what all extra parts he had for the car. While the majority of the stock parts were no longer with the car, he did include the original ap1 wheels with no other tires other than the Bridgestone S-02s. Currently, the car has Birdgestone RE-970 all-season's on it.

Here's my current take on the car:

Body and Paint: I'd give it a 8/10. There are a few little blemishes here and there, but honestly the paint is in much better shape than even my 2007 Berlina. The JDM headlights are a nice touch as well. The top on the other hand is a 9.5/10 and is in much better condition than my own on the AP2. Only problem at this point is that it doesnt fully go down because it's getting caught on the rollbar...just something I need to work on, but it will get gutting in the future once a hardtop comes to fruition (hopefully...if the wife gets pregnant I think that dream might not come to pass :baby: )

Motor: It's got 25590 miles on it! I plan to do a compression test soon just to see the numbers, but it pulls strong and the K&N FIPK intake really has a nice grunt to it. The Borla dual exhaust almost sounds stock until you get into VTEC at WOT and then it has a nice deep gunt to it with no drone. Very tasteful mod imo.

Transmission: Clutch engagement is abslutely fantastic and the lighter flywheel makes the car much more friendly to get off the line than my AP2. I really like the 4.57 gearing too as it feels much more peppy than some other ap1s I've driven in the past. Gear changes are crisp, but I do find that the AP2 sycnhros are a tad bit smoother.

Suspension and Chassis: Definitely can tell a difference between the new Ohlins on my AP2 and the KWs on the AP1. Bob had put the KWs on in 2008 and they have a few track days under their belt, but only about 10000 miles on them total. Would like to get the car raise a little to accommodate a non-stagger setup without having to roll the shit out of the fenders and have a corner balance done. The Ohlins do soak up the bumps better, but over normal road conditions they are feel nearly like stock-comfort. Bob also had installed a neuspeed x-brace and comptech adjustable front sway, so the car is very stiff with minimal body rolls and a slight hint of understeer (I really think the tires have something to do with that more than the suspension tuning though.

Tires: Im not used to all-seasons on an S so I took it easy as I am still learning the car. Once I got close to home though I opened it up a bit and noticed some squirm in the tires. Looking forward to some sticky 255s all around.

Interior and Safety: One of the main selling points to me was that this already had the hard-dog with harness bar installed. I don't like using race harnesses on the street though as I am used to leaning up to alleviate any blind spots before changing lanes with the top up. Seats are rock-solid and even after spending 3 hours driving back to Clayton tonight I was still comfortable. Bob did put an aftermarket countersunk knob on the car, but included the OE knob as well. Will probably just keep it like it is for the time being though. Need to get some padding on the roll bar to be track legal though.

Audio: All stock. AP2 sound system is WAY better. :p

Brakes: Bob included an extra set of rotors and pads, uncluding a rear set of Hawk Blues. ATE super blue in the res right now is old and I will be doing a full fluid change in the coming weeks. Otherwise, brakes are solid, but there's some squeal, so I will be inspecting on what's going on there once I get into ripping the car apart and doing some full analysis on things.

Final conclusion: I hate to say it, but trying to account for the "newness and excitement" factor of having this, I think I might like it more than my AP2! :D :vtec:

OK enough rambling and onto the pics. :)

Pulling out of the bank, 9000rpm here I come :thumbup:

Always wanted a Sebring car

Comfry seats and awell maintained interior

I think I'm FINALLY VIR legal!

Home sweet home


Both sets of wheels and the Borla will be FS in a few weeks. Stay tuned. :)

ILs2000 03-21-2015 09:41 PM

Nice write up. Is it too late to ask for it back?

batguano 03-22-2015 02:38 AM

Congrats Brett. Sure sounds like you have fallen in love. welcome to the dark side of AP1 ownership.

Now you understand what I have been preaching since I got mine. I know I don't need to as but are you taking it to the RTD?

YELLOW JACKET 03-22-2015 05:59 AM

congrats on the ap1 purchase. looks very clean. best of both worlds now, ap1 and ap2. owning two S's is awesome. I have two ap1's. enjoy! :thumbup:

LogicAp2 03-22-2015 10:00 AM

Congrats on the purchase. Owning one to drive on the steets and one complete toy is the way to go.

onecleanS2000 03-22-2015 03:53 PM

Nice! Getting two S2k's is always the best way to go so you can have the best setup for the track and road instead of compromise.

RedCelica 03-22-2015 06:12 PM

Finally found out why the top wouldnt go all the way down!! Well Bob had a really cool interior job to doll up the mid portion of the car after getting the roll bar in. You can really tell he spent a lot of money/time on the design. Sure...it was a wood frame and some vinyl, but it was really considerate to do. Unfortunately my plans for the car did not call for it, and it has been removed. Compression test performed with really nice numbers, and the car is finally "simply stripped" and the summer tires and OE wheels are one the car.


Compression numbers 1-4


RedCelica 03-22-2015 06:13 PM

For the record, the AP2 is going to the Dragon :D Gotta see what the Ohlins can do!

RC 94 03-22-2015 07:55 PM

Let me know if you figure out the brake issues. Been trying to figure out why mine squeels as well even though the pads look good.

ILs2000 03-23-2015 04:52 AM

Was usually able to get of any brake squeal by taking out the pads and making certain that the back of the pad shim that contacts the piston is clean. After cleaning add some high temp grease to the area of the brake shim that comes in contact with the piston. A touch of grease between the pad shin and the back of the pad itself helps also.

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