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2 months ago with my cousins, 1 month ago, and then a dream i had last night

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2 months ago with my cousins, 1 month ago, and then a dream i had last night

Old 10-05-2003, 12:47 PM
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Default 2 months ago with my cousins, 1 month ago, and then a dream i had last night

*all of these cousins i will be talking about are on my mom's side of the family*

About 2 months ago, i went to one of my cousins' houses. It looks like a castle with the pointed coned rooftops and grey stone structure. I went there because of my cousins was getting engaged to a guy and her family wanted to celebrate. well, anyway, there is a room upstairs and it measures about 40 X 40 ft. In there is a tv, ps2, dvds, couches, and exercise equipment (making it dangerous for horseplay). We call this room the "bonus" room. While some of us played Red Faction on the ps2, i got a chance to show my skill. One of my cousins asked my sister if I was good and my siste replied with a "he's better than me." I was up against with one of my aunt's (my aunt who owns the castle-like house and also owns her own company that deals in professional business electronic technology, which her husband, my dad, and one of my older cousins work at) employee's son. He is about 6 1/2 feet tall and i'm only about 5 1/4 feet or something. He likes soccer and is very competitive but likes to play around a lot. I kept killing with a sniper rifle on one multiplayer level. He kept making remarks like "you don't have to be so mean about it." I killed him about 4 times he killed me. after a while, everybody went downstairs to have some quick food or snacks. I especially like eating shrimp with shrimp sauce. Then my soccer fan and I went upstairs and he told me of an idea. One of my cousins was up there playing on her gameboy advance (i hug her the most) while my other cousin said "how about we get everybody to come up here, turn the lights off, and wrestle and play around with each other." I was amazed. My cousin playing on the gameboy heard us and was kind of scared and not willing to participate so she went downstairs to eat with all the parents (at least i think so since i didn't see her anywhere after hearing about the plan).well, every cousin exept her came up without any word about the plan we had. once we got everybody, we closed the door (there's a long hallway leading to the door) and turned the lights (the switch for them is the kind that can be adjusted to dim or brighten to a certain degree) off. my soccer fan told everybody the plan and the game (or should i say "battle") began. I was always going after one of my cousins (i have slept over at her house a few times before and lied down on the bed in her her bedroom before). I would sneak up behind her in the bonus room and then do a headlock with an arm around her neck (you know, the technique in splinter cell) and i would walk backwards pulling her body with me. She tried punching my ribs but that didn't hurt much. I did this headlock on her about a dozen times then we started throwing pillows at each other. I hit my cousin about 80% of the time. I also splashed water on her with a water bottle. Once, I was aiming at her but the pillow hit her sister in the face at about 20 feet away. I went up to her and said to her I'm sorry, "*****". I should have hugged her at that moment. I had the chance. We were playing until my whole body sweated and my skin was glazing with sweat like a river. I must have smelled after playing and running around in that bonus room over 2 hrs. And even though there was all these exercise equipment on one side of the room, I never fell or tripped on any of them. Lucky me. We stopped since some of us had to gome earlier than the others. I will always remember this night.
I hop my soccer fan will be able to join us on one of our other parties at that house again. That house also has marble surface for the floor on the first level which made it easy for me to "drift" with my socks on.

Then 2 months later, we had another party at my oldest aunt's/uncle's house. It was actually in one of those trailer communities for elders. I met my cousin (the one with the gameboy advance) and her cousin who i have never met before and she looks about 85% similar to my cousin. My soccer fan wasn't there though. At night though, some of my cousins (not all, but some played yu-gi-oh cards since they're fans, and I HATE YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!!) After getting tired of that, we horseplayed in the closet in that bedroom. The closet actually had two doors and it was sure big and had very bright lighting. Then all of my cousins except the one with the gameboy and I went into the bathroom connected to that bedroom. It was huge. The sink in there extended about 10 feet and it had a shower and a bathtub. My cousin (who i hug the most) stayed and I turned off the lights. I wasn't sure where she was exactly in the room but i said in the darkness "hey "*****", where are you. I heard her call to me. She was hiding under one of the two queen sized beds. She crawled out and I got a chance to hug her down on the floor and lie on top of her body with little refusal from her. She's a nice cousin and talks to me a lot. She always makes me feel happy when i'm lonely and there's no one else to talk to. I always like having her around. it was such a good feeling being close to her with the lights off with no one disturbing the peace. well, at about midnight, we had to go home and i said goodbye to her and all my other cousins.

then at 6:00 am today, i had a dream i was with my cousin (the one who plays on the gameboy) and her cousin at a mall. I got a chance to hug them both. Then later in my dream, all of us were in this building (shaped like a cylinder, like a lighthouse). There was a spiral staircase leading down and there was a big couch and a tv where all my cousins were. And I got a chance to hug them there too.

whew, the memories of "being close with my cousins and feeling euphoria and joy"
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I don't know what the f*ck to make of all this. I am slightly revolted.

do you have any idea how friggin wacked out you sound? "being close to my cousins"?! omg, get a girlfriend and fast!
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Is Garden Grove in West Virginia by any chance?? Alabama??


I have over 100 cousins the boston/somervile area and I love spending time with them when i make my way up there.
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Old 10-05-2003, 02:03 PM
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I don't understand what your trying to say here.. but i agree with what Tritium said, get a girlfriend man!
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Dude! No! A trailer park? Do you play a banjo? You need to find a girlfriend outside of the family. Does the rest of your family date within the family? I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Sure it's normal to be attracted to any female at your age but dude! Go find someone else's cousin. Did you ever see "Deliverance" Check it out.
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Old 10-05-2003, 05:46 PM
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Dude, that is NOT normal.

Or healthy...
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Old 10-05-2003, 05:47 PM
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while we are analyzing dreams, umm
what happens when u see your self die in a dream, what does that mean... like your watching it from another persons view.
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w. t. f.

Dude, you need help. Seriously. How old are you?
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WHAT THE FVCK!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you pointing out you hug her the most???? Wow........
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Dude, do us all a favor, please stop posting here until after you get WELL through puberty.
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Quick Reply: 2 months ago with my cousins, 1 month ago, and then a dream i had last night

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