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davidc1 03-13-2017 07:41 PM

Spa and Monza F1 tics for sale
Not sure if this is the proper place to post, but I have 2 Fri and Sat reserved seating tickets for Spa and Monza for sale.

Going to both races this year, but can only go to Sunday race day. So, tics for Friday and Saturday are available.

These tickets are pretty much the best seats you can get.

At Spa, it's Grandstand 10, a newer Grandstand directly at Eue Rouge with a view of the pits as well. TV stand view also.

At Monza, it's in the stands pretty much directly across from the Ferrari pits. Perfect view of the podium. You can even jump out of your seats at the end of the race and join the craziness on track.

Here's links to the website track maps.


Gold 10 : Ancienne Douane (Fri-Sun)
Grandstand Gold 10 sits between Gold 4 and Silver 2, facing the legendary Eau Rouge Section. At this stage, cars sweep through this double turn left-right, before heading uphill at an incredible speed.

Right at the heart of one of Spa’s fastest sectors, speed lovers will utterly love these seats. You will also have a bird’s eye view of the charge out of La Source and down the straight, including a clear view up to the pit lane exit, making this an excellent place to see race strategies evolving.


(26b) Laterale Destra B (Fri-Sun)
Covered grandstand - Numbered seat - Giant screen view
Grandstand 26B is on the main straight, overlooking the middle of the grid, a great place to watch the dramatic race start, see the winner take the chequered flag, and the excitement of the pre-race grid preparations. You will also be ideally placed to watch the post-race celebrations on the main straight, as the passionate Ferrari fans, or Tifosi, swarm onto the track to watch the podium celebrations.

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