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By: jchau
Today 06:50 PM

Hey, long shot but is your renegade shifter and countersunk knob still available?
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Today 06:48 PM

Hello, I am located in southern California, I am interested in the car. If you don't mind answering a few questions, please contact me at [email protected] com. Thank you so much!
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Today 06:47 PM

Don and canton told me not to run the check valve.
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By: Kyras
Today 06:46 PM

"Mom! I'm HUNGRY! NOW!!" I love this! Were you the first car going the other direction? By the way, you passed right by my house if you took Hwy 34, you probably didn't, but you could do itine way....
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Today 06:43 PM

After get the Black Mamba fixed just decided to take a trip back in the S2K. If anyone is headed that way just let me know. Maybe hook up one day. We are staying in Franklin, NC. Going to be...
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Today 06:13 PM

I’ll let you know. BTW, my mom used the middle one for her sewing basket. I had to remove her pin-cushion, etc., to take these pics. :)
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By: roel03
Today 06:06 PM

KWV3 uses 2.5" springs in a 6" length. General rule of thumb is to stay within 20% of spring rate without revalving. You may want to look into other coilovers since it sounds like you want to go...
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By: S1997
Today 05:55 PM

Ha ha That pesky little #51 Ferrari is leading GTE Pro again!
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By: Lainey
Today 05:43 PM

Is this a thing in the south? One restroom, two toilets, no divider wall. I've never seen this before. Rick said the men's room was the same. The family that P's together stays together?? I...
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By: robhoy
Today 05:35 PM

That's awesome! What's your setup? I have a '99 with 75K on it -- not as clean as yours but still pretty clean -- and am looking to start upgrading it soon.
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Today 05:31 PM

Hello I’m new to the group I can’t send a message, my car just started about two days ago with the tct. I’m looking to buy billmans tct I can send mine in whenever. Thank you
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Today 05:29 PM

It’s not that bad really. Just have to take it step by step, and it helps if it can sit in the garage so you’re able to just do a little at a time. I definitely wouldn’t do one on a daily driver, but...
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Today 05:17 PM

It's crazy how some threads generate a lot of posts. Not sure why that is? :confused: Just follow manufacturer's instructions, and all should be cool! :)
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Today 05:13 PM

I'd try re-siphoning the brake fluid and adding new stuff back. May need to do this a couple times. If still getting dark, too soon... could be master cylinder seals going bad. Good luck! ...
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Today 05:08 PM

https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.s2ki.com-vbulletin/683x1024/26557539778_1997ecf2 6f_b_926d1d114587f50 d76fd75b16672c9761c3 80081.jpg
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Today 04:52 PM

Come just hang out and/or work on your car, everyone is welcome! 9 am-3 pm we'll break and go to lunch as a group. Time on the lift, fluid changes minor repairs. A second bay is available for...
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Today 04:12 PM

Are there any differences between dynamat and b quiet?
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By: darcyw
Today 04:08 PM

I think its classed as a truck - class 1- under the FWHA's classification system. Just to be pedantic.:) Its just a tool, and not everyone needs a sledge hammer. In Canada, we can only get the...
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Today 04:02 PM

Canuck the Crow https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.s2ki.com-vbulletin/1597x1198/canuck_95d92d307e61d 9aa1cc59e349be418bc2 9096c6f.jpg
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