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Billman Motion S2000 Repair Thread IV

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Arrow Billman Motion S2000 Repair Thread IV

Welcome to my new repair thread, #4. Simply leave a quick reply in the box at the bottom of the thread to schedule an S2000 appointment.

Ask about...
- "The once over, difference you can feel" service
[COLOR=&amp]- Billman Motion Generation-X Production S2000 Timing Chain Tensioner (see below for info)[/COLOR]
- All phases of installs and mods
- 2018 XR custom fit chain tensioner
- transmission rebuilding, while you wait
- modified soft top latches
- Billman Motion rollbar mounting system, over 4 times the strength of original design, and no cutting of the body required

All pricing inquiries will be returned via PM....

Billman's Once Over:

Custom Valve adjustment, retainer inspection, & spark plug torque check
Air filter
cabin filter
oil change Mobil1 & PCX filter, or ck oil and filter torque
dif fluid change with Mobil1 75W90
trans fluid change with NEW Honda MTF
clutch fluid change, clutch adjust, and throttle adjust
brake fluid change with ATE Super Blue
spark plug replacement (Honda S2000 spec'd NGK's, not the ones you buy online)
Tire-saver toe-in adjustment, no alignment needed
Coolant flush
axle nut tsb
IAC rotary valve cleaning
dash removal and bulb replacement for audio, heater, and cluster
Loose 12V outlet fix
wiper inserts
topdown mod
AC mod (02-09)
soft-top anti-rip mod
soft-top anti-rip instruction
check brakes
inspect serp belt
air psi
general check-up
100k pulley inspection
motor mount inspection
camwheel bolt inspection

Priced individually, only services needed are done.

[COLOR=&amp]Billman Motion Generation X Modified S2000 TCT (Timing Chain Tensioner)
-3 years in the making...application tuned
-precision machined extended reach housing, restoring factory preload to factory spring rates
-Resets chain guide load to exact factory pressure, where it was when the engine was new
-restores TCT piston positioning in the TCT housing
-restores worm gear positioning in the piston and preload
-linear pressure: tightens as engine RPM increases
-anti-cavitation function: Oil inflow into the TCT is drawn off an internal machined ramp, just as you would pour a drink down the side of a glass. Eliminates air in the TCT, and piston retraction when oil pressure is low at idle.
-ease of install, no retracting bolt. Simply install and pull the pin
-lifetime guarantee, which includes personal technical support to your individual case.
PM for order info...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=&amp]The Billman GenX TCT is based on years of research, using a broad range of chain guide operating depths worldwide. I have put my all my resources, passion, and heart into this one product. Each one is built and machined exclusively by myself, pressure tested, and is application tuned to provide perfect tension to the chain under all circumstances.[/COLOR]

Under The Hood Forum discussion about the Billman GenX TCT with data charts:
Billman's TCT - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums

2016 Edition

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i just wanted to be the first post .... i am awaiting mine, nervous to see condition of retainers, and also nervous for the test drive
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wed!! i shot ya a pm
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Originally Posted by Billman250,Oct 24 2007, 09:52 PM
I'll be a happy man if you can get me in one weekend sometime late Nov.. Probably want to do oil change, stainless steel lines/brake fluid, and whatever else there is
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l still need to be on your list....
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Still on for the springtime Bill
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Will take what you can give me... and make it work.

Just out of town from 11/3-11/8 & 11/20-11/24

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hey bill, keep me on the back burner, the invidea exhaust solved my mysterious engine noise... or at least i can't hear it any more. ;-)
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do you work on bikes, and could u possibly come to my house cause my bike isnt registered or insured?

and how much for a once over on the S
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i'm still here! just outta the country..
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