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"why do you have that insurance company?"

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Default "why do you have that insurance company?"

You may already have guessed, this is complaint about my auto insurance company, e-surance. And hope that you don’t make as same mistake as I did, being customer of them for almost 10 years.

I got into an accident back in September 7, 2014. It occurred because one of axle broke on highway, rt-80, in PA near Pocono. Car became uncontrollable and ended up spinning 180 degree and came to stop after hitting guard rail with driver side rear quarter panel. This was just after a track day on 9/6, spending a night at my friend’s rented house. It was a nice morning, road was dry, good temperature, I had my top down, and coming back home.

Then accident occurred. I called AAA to tow my car to home but tow truck driver said he couldn’t tow until police accesses the situation and give him “Good to go”. Hence, I called 911. State trooper came and I told him that I a mechanical failure and got into an accident. He looked at scene, observed few things such as tire track and broken brake rotor. Then gave me an accident report and no ticket was issued.

After getting back home, I called esurance and started my claim. Since then, esurance has been very unpleasant in processing my claim. To start with, I’ve been requesting them to communicate with me on e-mail due to my travel and work hours. 1st lady who was handling the claim reluctant to ignore my request and after 2 weeks, my car was finally towed to some lot. After car was towed, I did not heard from them so I gave her a call. She said that she didn’t know it was towed and she will look at it. Several days pass by without any update. So I called again. She said she did not realize my car would’ve cost this much but she wouldn’t say how much. And told me she will get back and never did. Next thing I know, case handler has changed. Also, there’s an “inspector” assigned as well. This is about 4 weeks after claim was made. And his requests are what irritate me the most.

- Full contact information of my friend.
- Full contact information of person my friend rented house from.
- Registration form for HPDE event. – He insisted racing despite I correcting him it was HPDE.
- My phone and text record with full number between 9/1 ~ 9/14.
- Towing receipt.

Thankfully, my friend and his friend agreed to give him the information. However, It’s been a most irritating experience I had. He went on and said, my statement and photos does not match and it’s almost as if I put the car there. What ever I told him he does not believe including police report as well as towing proof I forwarded to him from AAA. He called AAA and AAA lady called me that he called. Even she sounded a bit irritated. He also commented that the damage looked like another car hit me and it must’ve been at a higher speed. He also claimed that he has seen many accident photos… obviously, he hadn’t seen s2000 accident photos.. How weak s2000’s quarter panel is not to mention, entire body. Car was designed to protect driver using stronger frame and to reduce the weight, body was made very light. His another claim is, he sees foot steps around the car but does not see any tire mark in dirt. I looked at the photos but I could not find any footsteps. He also claimed that there aren’t any damages to guard rail. Isn’t guard rails supposed to be strong enough so cars don’t go over boundary? I told him I hit the guardrail lightly. What ever I said, he won’t believe.

So I had to get a lawyer’s advice. With her advice, I sent him record of my phone calls /w last 4 digits masked. But, of course, he won’t accept. He wants full digits. And if I don’t provide phone numbers, they won’t process this claim any further. My car was garaged since I bought it 14 yrs ago. Now for past 1.5 months, it’s been getting beat up by all sort of weather. It is just too painful to think of it. I can only think that they are holding my baby hostage… So I finally give in and gave him the full phone numbers – with apology to my friends that I had to give number to esurance. Now he wants identity of each phone number.

I asked him and his supervisor what the reason behind it. They both said, it is their standard procedure. So if you have esurance, and have to make a claim, you may have to disclose your family and friend’s phone number. I’ve never seen it, even some people who works in other insurance company has seen such.

I’m not a lawyer but I really do think what they do is against civil rights.
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esurance is an allstate company
i had to deal years ago with allstate and is a pain .....
my car was hit while parked....the driver had an allstate insurance
allstate denied the driver was insured with them
long story short....after 3 months and 1000 phone calls later finally i got paid..... by allstate
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Sorry you have to go through this, Paul. If you need anything from me whatsoever, let me know, I'll vouch for the whole story (which is easy because its true).

In the meantime I hope the esurance guys shit in bed and roll in it. Despicable company, despicable practices.
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Why did you tell them you were coming FROM a HPDE? They sound like a shitty company, good luck with your repairs
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wow Paul.

Are they trying to relate all of this to the HPDE?

Why even bring that up?

Hope you get it all worked through, crazy story.

Got pics of the car from further up the highway? ...and the damage before the crash?
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Originally Posted by gofast182 View Post
Sorry you have to go through this, Paul. If you need anything from me whatsoever, let me know, I'll vouch for the whole story (which is easy because its true).

In the meantime I hope the esurance guys shits in bed and rolls in it. Despicable company, despicable practices.
LOTS of this.

Not sure how or why the HPDE got mentioned but that's not what really matters here anyway. This was a car that was insured and being legally driven on the highway when a mechanical failure happened.
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damn paul, sorry to hear. insurance companies suck. they'll try anything to get out of a claim. i've only made 1 claim in my life and it was with travelers insurance. they were easy to deal with. a garbage can was hit into my car on the west side highway. any other accident that i had, i went through the other persons insurance company because it was their fault. i currently have allstate, but have not had to make any claims. i went with them because my wife's friend is an agent and saved me over $400 per yr. i know that cheap insurances, such as geico, suck.
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That sucks Paul. I would recommend Liberty Mutual. They've been great however I haven't had any claims with them. If you were a Veteran or Military USAA is the best insurance company bar none!
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Paul - good luck. I'd guess that all the info being requested is because of the investigation and not a normal appearing claim. Even though the accident is normal, they think it's not.

Barry- I have Geico. I've been hit several times, once while parked. I've had my car in a local shop that day or the next, and often back within a week. I've never had issues with them.
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Originally Posted by GRUNTS2K View Post
That sucks Paul. I would recommend Liberty Mutual. They've been great however I haven't had any claims with them.
So they are good at cashing your checks and sending cards out?
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Quick Reply: "why do you have that insurance company?"

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