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Buffalo, NY - Service?

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Default Buffalo, NY - Service?

Hi, all. I recently purchased a 2001 S2k with 24k miles on it. I'm not sure whether any of the fluids other than the oil (brake, clutch, diff, trans, coolant) have ever been changed in my car or not, so as a preventative measure, I'd like to get them all changed out ASAP. Where do people in Buffalo take their S2ks for this sort of thing? I was thinking I'd probably take it to one of the local Honda dealers (which one is best?), but if someone knows of a good, trustworthy, independent mechanic in the Buffalo area, I'm open to ideas!
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If it’s just the fluids you can do them yourself. This site has plenty of DIY articles.

Crazy Schizo should have a suggestion for you as far as a dealer or independent mechanic goes.
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Agreed with A2. General maintenance on this car is incredibly simple and fun with just some basic tools, wealth of info in the forum. That being said I took my Prelude to Northtown Honda for a timing belt and water pump a few years back and it was a nightmare situation. New water pump was leaky, they left some connectors unplugged, dead vtec, and they wouldn't take any responsibility. So I would avoid them if you go the dealer route.
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I can give you some referrals if you are interested. Do not go to dealer unless you know the tech working on it and you trust them. Only Honda fluid I would consider is transmission fluid everything else you can find better in the aftermarket. Do not use oem diff fluid in your car that Honda will sell you it is not the right fluid. Personally I use Motul for engine, brake and clutch, oem Honda transmission fluid, Mobil filter for oil and Mobil gear oil for differential.
Only dealership my car has seen is Ray Laks Honda and that is for alignment. My car is low and they have an in ground alignment rack.
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Originally Posted by A 2 View Post
If it’s just the fluids you can do them yourself. This site has plenty of DIY articles.

Crazy Schizo should have a suggestion for you as far as a dealer or independent mechanic goes.

He's a great guy with good advice too.
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Fair enough. I wouldn't really mind doing the work myself, especially after reading some of the how-tos, and watching Engineering Explained's video on fluid changes in his own S2k. If I knew someone with a lift or pit, I'd do it myself without question. I just get a little nervous crawling around a car when it's up on jack stands. But maybe I just need to nut up, get a nicer jack and better stands, and just try and tackle it myself. I'd probably save a few hundred bucks over having the dealer do it, too. So that would be a bonus...

Unless someone here has a lift or pit I could use... :P
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I take mine to West-Herr Honda out in Lockport. You can bring whatever fluids you want topped off in the vehicle with you, they don't seem to mind.

I wish I had a lift for my garage, but that is so far down the list of SWMBO-approved house projects....
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Originally Posted by Bugsy View Post

Reminds me of a similar thing with my sister in-law, the doctor. She was asked how to spell her name for a package being sent to her office. She said Ferris as in "Ferris Wheel." Yep...package was addressed to Dr. Ferris Wheel!
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I know what you mean about the jackstands. I was used to mostly working on a 4x4 before the S2000. you didn't need to lift it unless the wheels had to come off. For the S2000, I stack 2x10's or 2x12's under each wheel for extra insurance. Just like on Engineering Explained.
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After using various AutoZone 75-90 weight differential fluids over the years, I switched to Lubrication Engineers 1605, primarily because I felt the differential was getting rather loud. In the early days, a variation of this same LE fluid (different #) was all the rage and could easily be purchased from Rick's S2000 Accessories. The spec for the S2000 calls for 90 weight differential fluid, but since our cars were build the 90 weight isn't the old 90 weight anymore. The LE fluid is the equivalent of 140 weight, which is maybe closer in line to the old 90 weight.

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