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Support Chemmy Alcott and the British skiers

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Default Support Chemmy Alcott and the British skiers

I know there are quite a few snowsport enthusiasts on here so i thought i'd post this on here to see if we can drum up a bit of extra support. All exposure helps!

Originally Posted by snowheads admin
So the Olympics are done and our Ski Team actually made it there and back despite the worst efforts of their (so-called) governing body which went bust with just enough lead time before the games to make a huge fuss in the papers and little else. What more could they have done to upset the balance of our athletes? What a ridiculous state of affairs!
Frankly Kwame had the Ghana Ski team's administration in better order than the UK's. When he turned up at snowHeads a few years back spouting his 'mad cap' ideas about representing Ghana in the Winter Olympics, well, it's fair to say that he was greeted as something of a 'harmless loony' by those who [ahem] 'knew' about ski-racing.
Well, he showed them didn't he - what that guy has achieved out of sheer bloody-minded determination is most impressive.

So as the Ghana Ski Team sprouts into life, the GB team is withering on the vine!
The GB race scene has seemed to me somewhat riven with politics and in-fighting. For a non-alpine nation with relatively few world class athletes, we a have an astonishing number of different organisations competing for influence. It's little wonder no-one in the administration can maintain a clear enough head to keep things on the level.
Let's hope Dave Edwards who is heading up BS&S (British Ski & Snowboarding), SSGB's replacement, can filter out the background noise and deliver the focus, clarity and as soon as possible, security that the team needs so badly.
Kwame may be just 'one man driven by his dream' but let's face it: he set a fine example of what can be done when you just side-step the crap and get on with what needs to be done!
Yes the GB team is a bigger, more complex thing than Team Ghana but the administration is responsible for the dreams of our athletes and needs to be driven by those dreams with the vigour that Kwame was driven by his.

And the season goes on - the Olympics might be over but the World cup (and Europa cup) press on until mid April.
So what's up with the UK team now? (Just how stuffed are they?)
Well the mens team were reportedly 'uncomfortable' the other day when they found out the vans they were using were no longer insured and 'may have been reported stolen' as SSGB was no longer paying the leasing fees.
I hear the charity, Disability Snowsports UK, kindly offered their car to the ladies team.
All coaching and technical staff have been dropped except one or two individuals whom the athletes have clubbed together to pay for themselves.

Meanwhile, Chemmy Alcott, despite a pretty hellish couple of years, equalled her best Olympic results and looks set to be the first British Woman to reach the Alpine World Cup finals - except... she's now paying her coach and ski-tech out of her own pocket and can't afford her physio. Not good!

So... passionate and pro-active as ever, members of the snowHeads community thought they might do something to help.
This topic kicked off on Monday morning, just to see what support might be garnered: Support Chemmy Alcott and the British Team
In 24 hrs we'd come up with 2 vehicles and over £1k . It's a fantastic start but honestly we could do with more. Currently the funding gap to keep Chemmy racing up to the world cup finals (with her physio) is about £3.5k. Now, some of that could yet come in from 'official' sources but even then, the mens team is, if anything, in a worse state. So while the officials pfaff about with their paperwork or committees or whatever they're up to, we figure we might as well fill the gap and give the athletes a bit of confidence so they can concentrate on getting results that make us proud!
If you're interested in making a donation, thread and payment details are here:
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Just in case a few of you needed a bit of encouragement to help out, this is Chemmy;

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Chemmy Alcott is in the advertising for Accurist or some other watch brand and she'salways been kinder cute (for a blond).

She also seemed a top lass when she was on 5th gear in a "rally testing day" driving course - very down to earth and a good giggle.
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Whatever they raise, I'll go to the world cup for half that.

I bet I bring back as many medals as Chemmy
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I bet you don't even make it down the hill, let alone qualify.
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Quick Reply: Support Chemmy Alcott and the British skiers

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