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Time for a slap?

Old 06-23-2018, 10:03 AM
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I do agree that many kids / young adults these days are really frustratingly superficial. In many ways they do have it easy; tech and access to information is totally unprecedented. If you want to learn something, it's really easy to logon and get access to experts for free. No other generation has had that.

However, it's only in my lifetime that we've seen children and young adults so aggressively advertised upon. Yeah of course there is the argument that you can ignore it, but the pressures applied to a) keep up with the Jones' and b) not be some kind of shite parent for not doing what everyone else is doing, is massive.

Worse still, advertising has moved away from 'voice of the professional' in the 60/70s to this fear-based approach we now see. And it's combined with the 'you can have it now' approach which negates the ethics of previous generations where you earned something.

I have to agree with FatBloke though. It seems the baby boomers have been instrumental in a lot of this. I don't blame them par se, they were doing what they thought was best, whilst embracing new tech, and convenience their parents never had.

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Old 06-23-2018, 11:28 PM
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People like Jago provide great entertainment value

We should be grateful for that

It will be interesting to see how the snowflakes cope over the next decade or two

I suspect they'll struggle until they inherit
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Old 06-24-2018, 02:13 AM
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I'm pretty certain there's always been mollycoddled kids in every generation, and maybe it's more prevalent now, but speaking as a parent of a 19 year old who is working very hard at university, has part time jobs there and a full time job while she's home, and has a social circle of similarly hard working friends, there's plenty of hope too.

Most people step up when adulthood makes it necessary anyway.

But it's hard not to get irate, even for a Libtard like me, when there's kids and parents like this in the world. I think we can all enjoy this:
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Old 06-24-2018, 03:29 AM
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shame no passing shark

there have always been pain in the arse rich kids and always will be

the new bigger problem (for them not me) is the proportion of the snowflake generation who seem to struggle with life being a bit tricky once they have to start living outside of the nest

not a problem for those kids whose parents didn't give them a lifestyle they would be unable to sustain later or those who are happy/able to keep subbing them

the rest seem to have real issues

like I said, interesting to me from an outsider's perspective and at an academic level
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Old 06-24-2018, 03:34 AM
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Or being fair, those who are happy to adjust their salary / lifestyle to make sure want / need does not outstrip the ability to supply If you can never have enough money then you will never have enough stuff to spend it on. And if you never have enough stuff then you will always need more money,

Seems that's not been on the curriculum for a while.
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