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Nibreezy 10-17-2017 05:25 AM

S2000 2005 Silverstone metallic paint
I just got my rear bumper repainted using the color code nh630m. The shade came out to be a little darker than the color of the rest of the car. Also, I bought an oem lip with original paint and I am having the same issue. The lip also seems to a little bit darker than the rest of the car.

Can someone explain to me what is going and what I can do?
Kinda disappointed lol

Car Analogy 10-17-2017 08:17 AM

You can't match such a color with off the shelf parts. Its metallic, and the way it looks has a lot to do with how those flakes laid down when originally painted.

If you took two cars this color, painted at the factory on different days, and swapped their bumpers, the color would likely not match.

To match this paint, a body shop has to mix the color, not based on a formula, but on a scan of the paint on that car. Then they have to blend it. Paint part of the adjacent panel to whatever part they are painting. They sort of fog it away as they paimt the part they are matching to. Then the clearcoat makes it seamless.

When they do this, say its a bumper, they have to place the bumper in its orientation near he back of car, so they can paint the bumper, and fog the fenders, in one pass. That is the only way to get this sort of paimt to match.

You can get away with something like a prepainted oem style rear spoiler, only because none of the contours of the spoiler align to the same plane as the trunk lid is mounted to. So your eye assumes any darkness mismatch is simply shading.

But two parts that meld together to form one shape, like bumper to fender, fender to door, etc, any misalignment of metal flake will result in an obvious darkness mismatch between panels.

With the front spoiler, the oem rubber trim that sits between the two panels helps hide any mismatch.

Nibreezy 10-17-2017 08:46 AM

Wow, thanks for that. I learned a lot from this. One thing though, my front spoiler does have the OEM rubber trim but it does not help hide any of the mismatches between the front bumper and lip.

Car Analogy 10-17-2017 01:08 PM

Maybe front bumper was repainted from accident damage, amd now its farther off from stock color.

Also, are you sure your car is Silverstone, and not sebring silver?

Nibreezy 10-17-2017 05:28 PM

Originally Posted by Car Analogy (Post 24369705)
Maybe front bumper was repainted from accident damage, amd now its farther off from stock color.

Also, are you sure your car is Silverstone, and not sebring silver?

it’s silverstone metallic nh630m.
Very unlikely that it was repainted. I’m thinking the paint has oxidized quite a lot and that is why there is a difference.

MrFunk 10-17-2017 06:14 PM

Hey man
You bought the front lip from me.
It was a perfect color match on my Silverstone. Here's a pic.
I'm thinking your front bumper was painted if you have a way off match. Do you have pics?


Nibreezy 10-17-2017 07:41 PM


It looks fine in this picture but ill send a picture of it in daylight tomorrow and you’ll see the difference.

Nibreezy 10-17-2017 07:47 PM

You can ever so slightly make out a minuscule of a difference in this picture.https://cimg2.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.s2k...5b855d8cf.jpeg

MrFunk 10-18-2017 04:43 AM

It's not as bad as I was expecting. From the pics it looks pretty close in color. You will never have a 100% identical match obviously. Unless you re-paint the entire car along with the lip you won't have 100% match. It looks pretty good to me from what you've shown in the pics...

Car Analogy 10-18-2017 07:19 AM

When a color mismatch is really only stark when under sunlight, its usually a case of how much, how big, and how the metal flakes oriented when it was sprayed. So if a shop resprayed the bumper, and color matched the paint perfectly, but used a different size flake, etc, it won't match well in the light.

Shops have something called a sunlight, which is a hand held light that mimics sunligjt spectrum, so they see these sorts of issues when car is still inside.

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