S2000 CR Club Racer Edition CR stands for "club racer," conjuring up the good old days when guys drove their sports cars to the track, raced them, and then, if the racing gods were smiling, drove them home again

CR Owners Roll Call

Old 06-03-2009, 05:18 AM
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I'll start working on the 09 list soon...production is almost over
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I am curious to see the results of that list and total 09 production period.
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Originally Posted by patinum,Jun 3 2009, 05:17 AM
Holy internet stalking Ckit!

I started having all these thoughts and questions after all these "what price CR" buying threads...

Some of my thoughts:
How cool would it be to know whose car came off the line next to yours. Especially if there were manufacturing issues that came up.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to trace the history and heritage of CRs as they are sold over the years?

What conclusions can we make about CR owners vs. "regular" S2000 owners that may impact resale in the future?

In talking with people, there are quite a few current (non-CR) S2000 owners that would only pick up a CR if they needed to replace their cars. There are also quite a few that are "waiting" a little longer to pick one up. When the current owners are looking to replace their off-lease, high mileage non-CRs with used CRs in a few years... things may get tight.

I think with the CR not having a soft top, it prevents some of the casually interested new buyers from picking up this car compared to a "regular" S2000. This may also decrease the turnover we see with the other S2000s.

I'll run some stats in the future, but there are a lot of repeat S2000 owners who are unlikely to ever get rid of this car. That may impact the turnover and availability of these cars on the secondhand market.

The only people I've seen purchase and resell so far are first-time S2000 owners that didn't quite know what they were getting into.

My personal hypothesis is that the CR won't follow the trends of the "regular" S2000 resale market. I'm doing the Internet "research" to support my hypotheses...
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wow search function has been your best friend!! =P
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very impressive
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#439 here in Alberta, Canada.
Recent mods includes Volks RE30 and Mugen AP2 Exhaust.
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Hehe I don't mind being stalked while I am cruising in my S2k!!

#151 Here
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The CR reminds me of the time when I picked up my ITR, awesome feeling!
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Number 172!
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