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Info on CR JHMAP21298S001559

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Originally Posted by Trevorh View Post
In regards to CR #172:

If it's any consolation, I called on this car when it was first listed before it even went into the auction circuit.

The car was posted on Craigslist in Baltimore for less than 2 hours when I called. The car was listed for $21,500 and thought it was a steal because an Apex Blue Pearl CR was exactly what I was looking for, and that price is ridiculously cheap for a CR. He immediately took the posting down once I called because in that time that he posted it and when I called, he found out that the car had a lien on it. The guy (Gary) was taking care of an estate of a son whose mother was selling off all his possessions because of his death. Gary told me he would call once the car was paid off and I was able to purchase it. 2 weeks went by and I finally got my call, he told me that the car had a salvage title and they were told by the bank that their best option was to go faulty on the payments and let the car get repossessed. I thought this was crazy, but because the owner who passed owed about the same amount on the car as it was valued by the bank, the mother wouldn't owe anything on the car if it was repossessed and no ones credit was taking a hit. It was a sad day to let the car go because it was a long 2 weeks of getting my hopes up all for what turned out being a salvage title car, but I wished the best to the family and moved on. That was first-hand from the family that the car was salvaged.
yes, same dude i spoke to about the car.
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I was going to purchase this s2000 sight unseen. Im glad I didn't buy this s2000.
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Originally Posted by #172CR View Post
I'm creating a VIN to follow the history of this vehicle



Apex Blue Pearl with AC and Radio

In 2009 there were some posts regarding the vehicles history/accidents. Since then, the vehicle has obviously changed hands with that, there are no current reports of a salvage brand on the title.

Below is where the ambiguity starts;

Posted 16 September 2009 - 04:10 PM
Damaged goods. Do not accept.

Problem Reported! AutoCheck's database for this 2008 Honda S2000 CR (JHMAP21298S001559) shows a negative title(s) or other problems. When reported to AutoCheck, these events can indicate serious past damage or other significant problems.

1 Problem(s) Reported: 15 Title/Problem areas checked:
Frame damage record(s)

03/10/2009 VA
Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE
04/01/2009 PA
Posted 16 September 2009 - 09:15 PM
Yea definitely has some problems. No Vin stickers on the fenders either that I can see. But that should be pretty obvious they were replaced when the badges are wrong...
Posted 16 September 2009 - 09:20 PM
oh wow, didnt get to check back on this thread till now.

i noticed the weird gaps in the panels. i ran a carfax earlier and low and behold, the repo and a front end collision showed up on the report.

i think its ovbious enough that its not worth it.
With the information being 7+ years in the past, the current vehicle is showing an accident on the vehicle history, but not listed as salvaged. The original auction in 2009 listing the frame damage is no longer present and first hand accounts of the car appear to substantiate some work done, but the frame damage is completely unverified.

With that said, please feel free to draw your own conclusions on the car from the unverified data from 2009 and present. The car is currently up for sale as of this initial posting
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it's now on ebay.

Honda: S2000 CR | eBay
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Still up for sale on most of the main car buying sites.
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Originally Posted by MaceWindu View Post
If I remember correctly, it was wrecked as soon as or before it was sold..
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Another indication of an accident is the presence of underhood insulation since it is not included on a CR.
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Hi All - it looks like this car is back on the market, albeit at a different price point. I am still extremely apprehensive to pursue this CR, but at $16,900 it got me thinking a little bit.

What do you guys think at this price? I am not looking for a showroom car (obviously) just a solid driver that I can keep forever.
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Listed as wrecked/salvage vehicle on the CR Roll Call.
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