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Should I daily drive my CR?

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Default Should I daily drive my CR?

I have been driving the civic si for last 3 months or so
In order to keep mileage low on CR

But I started to think.... I pay 350 for my CR every month plus 120 for full coverage insurance. I don't think I'm living in a smart life when my CR is just being stored rather than being active.

I know it's a rare collectible car,,,, especially it being a gpw
Idk.... I'm in dilemma now if I should sell the si and daily drive the CR.
We will see .... Who knows. I may keep driving the si
What do you all think ?
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First of the car is a soulless object, i know that the rarity of your CR alters a little bit your perception about it, but in the end its just a car and cars are made to be driven, gain experience and create long term memories from it , so that 10 years from now you would have something to say about it, if you continue like this at the end the only thing to say would be how well you kept it stored and clean for ages without driving it, you would respond in a way that justifies your way of thinking ,but if you are 100% sure that your acts are right you wouldnt start this topic in the first place
Thank you for your time and excuse any grammatical mistakes...
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I'd keep driving the Si daily. It's a dangerous world out there to make the CR a daily. I would drive the S maybe on the weekends or just for joy rides. Got to love having a second more practical vehicle when owning an S. I know I do.
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I daily drive a Fit. I take the S out on weekends. I think its that much more fun and special when you only drive it to places you want to go vs places you have to go. Plus I plan on keeping this one for ever, unless Honda comes out with a better sports car in the future. (which I don't see happening)
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Well I wasn't ever planning on getting a CR. But it found me, the deal was too good to pass up so I traded my RSX-S in for her. So my CR is my daily. I have nothing else. I have a smile on my face every day that I get into the car. Eventually I will be picking up a daily. But I will still drive the CR frequently.
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I agree, I daily a FA5 08 si with full bolt on's and a tune. It makes my time on the weekends and at the track alot more enjoyable in the CR. Enjoy the car and drive it, but I personally wouldn't enjoy the CR as a daily.
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CR for the weekends and when you just feel like driving for fun.

Daily for winter/work/and places that you don't want your CR near and around.
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It's your car, do what you want. If you want it to be a low mile example in the future, you know what to do. If you think you'd enjoy driving it daily and you're willing to accept the depreciation, then drive it. It's your car.

Personally, mine is a DD, rain or shine. I enjoy my commute, and I enjoy it more in the CR and I don't mind washing it. But that's my decision. Don't let me influence your decision.
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I DD my car right now. Not really by choice, and I will pick up a daily eventually. My commute is only about 15miles round trip, and its an easy drive with very minimal traffic. If my commute wasn't what it is, I probably wouldn't have gotten the CR, I would have just kept my higher mileage AP2 (76,000miles) or bought commuter car and held off on buying another S for awhile. I do enjoy driving it everyday, but I would prefer not to. Although when I have a bad day and I walk through the parking lot and see it sitting there, it brings a smile to my face and I forget my crappy work day!

I think maybe you should just start driving the CR more! Drive it two times a week to work or something to get more out of it, but still keep a DD car around.
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Do you plan on selling the car in the future? Or keeping it long term? (10+ years)

What is the reason with keeping the mileage low? The CR will only go down in value, never go up and if it does, there will be other ventures that yield a higher ROI. The cost of it sitting there with APR/insurance is burning more than the yield from resale.

The CR is an amazing car, but it's not even exotic/rare enough to just keep it in storage just to keep the miles low.

Having said that, I can understand the functional reasons for another car such as the needing to carry passengers, hauling, unpaved roads, etc.

Do what makes you happy. Life is short, enjoy life. Spend your money, drive it for fun, mod it for fun. Thinking about cars as some investment is just nonsense
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Quick Reply: Should I daily drive my CR?

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