S2000 CR Club Racer Edition CR stands for "club racer," conjuring up the good old days when guys drove their sports cars to the track, raced them, and then, if the racing gods were smiling, drove them home again

Would you....

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Wait till 2014 when it has an independent rear suspension and not the sorry excuse it has now.
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I wouldn't.
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I guess it depends on what you're looking for, I've been driving a BMW 335i coupe with about 330 ft/lbs at the wheels for 3 years now and it's a lot of fun to have that much power (even at low RPMs) but it's also a heavy car and that has its pros and cons - handling is nowhere near as good and I don't expect it would get anywhere close even after extensive modding or if I switched to an M3 (which has an LSD and better stock suspension). I'm assuming the new Mustang probably weighs 3700+ as well. That's great for long drives and comfort, etc. but it's nowhere near as fun to rip around in as the S2000 or other light sports cars. It really just depends on what you want, they are such different types of cars.

Used Cayman S or Boxster S might give you what you want and be in the same price range, they have a lot of go but are still very light and balanced like an S2000. The new Boxster Spyder is siiiiiick but probably want to wait a bit for them to depreciate more
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Even a 328 feels faster than a s2k until you floor it.

However, the new 5.0 is no joke; its seriously a great car for the price, and will give the s2k a run for its money at nearly any track.
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You know I always thought the rear axle was a fail but I like it because its simple. Seems like the car still corners well despite that. I suppose it won't be as good as a bumpy surface?
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The problem I face about ALL American sports cars is that the engineers put some much attention and engery on the engine that they don't give a rat's ass about anything else in the car. Mustangs seats are horribly uncomfortable, the dash and its controls are cheap and are usually far away from the driver. The whole interior of American muscle is crap and not driver focused, the doors are heavy and you feel you have to pull with are your might to shut it. Imported sports cars, whether it's European or Japanese, really try to make you love the WHOLE car and not just the powerful engine. American car companies say "Throw a powerful engine in it and screw the rest, why because dumbass Americans will buy them anyways!" Plus, I truly believe that American car companies purposely put plastic parts designed to fail at a given time or mileage so you have to buy more instead of making it with better materials that last longer. Mustangs like most American cars not trucks nickel and dime you after a certain mileage and they depreciate uber fast.

But, What realy gets me more than anything else is how arrogant this guys are in their mustangs. I'm sure evryone of us as come up to these guys and laughed! The mustang community is filled with immaturity, disrepectful guys that thing their car is the S**T! The S-community is incredible for the coolest or most respectful people I've encountered.
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The new mustangs are leaps above the previous generations. My girlfriend recently purchased a 2011 v6 with leather and pony package. It is a really nice car, it handles decently and has good power delivery. But would I go as far as to sell the s for one- no way, not even if it were a straight trade for a 302 or Shelby. They are nice but they are completely different cars. They are large and heavy.
And speaking from experience the mustang community is complete crap. It seems like they all are trying to compensate for something- all they do is say their car is better than everyone else's ( there is a small percentage that are excluded from this) i have witnessed several people with older generation gts ( severly underpowered) make comments like " oh it's only a six" and then chuckle. This always makes me laugh because it is about equivalent to those douches that pull up in their cobalt ss to a porsche or Ferrari and say " I could take him"
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