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New Turbo and EMS owners

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i think its good to note from my personal experience i never knew about the oil pressure gauge and if i had one maybe my engine would of been saved. Basically i was driving back home from the tuner and as soon as i made it onto the highway i saw that oil light or i would later know its the dummy light come on i pull over and notice a hose that connects to the oil filer relocation was completely off and oil was all over the place.. everyone who goes boosted remember buy that oil gauge. it would tell you when you oil is low and something is wrong.
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i am too been looking strapping a turbs on mine, after my mate done me in his 200sx on 14psi only just
and i need more power from my 240. so looking at the market of turbos i realised some are like designer turbos and u is just paying for the name its how and where its manufactured whch matters. for example my friend has just almost finishing building his 1.4 vw r32 rep turbo and he spent alot of money sending parts abroad to get them coated i.e china, he also found out that the same company that tried charging him double would of just used the same company he did.

so cut to the chase now.

i will buy a kit
a very cheap one and throw the turbo away or evil bay it . cus the turbos are normally shite. the rest like the piping and intercooler are good use.

some of the kits dont come with the manifold and downpipe so will buy seperate cus i reckon u will get a better deal for quality especially manifold

i only want to squeeze another 70 bhp so will be looking at only running low boost so straight tthrough not esential and induction i reckon will be sufficiant, so will the brakes , (dont for get the brakes)
then after a few hours of remapping done by sme pros i shall be ready for my revenge,

rome was nt built over night
niether will my T2000

any comments and suggestions please comment as more heads are better than one .
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just a quick question, so if the greddy turbo kit is CARB legal than it meets smog requirments from the base tune(if the emange is well matched with your s2000) then shouldnt it be a safe reliable tune because it has to be within the right AFR to make that requirement?
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So what is some one to do if there are NO SHOPS at all that have any experience tuning turbo s2000 or even tuning boosted cars at all? I live in Newfoundland Canada and its not like I can drive a couple hours to a s2000 experience shop. =\

Sucks I want to go this route if I get an s2000 =\ also are highest octane here is 91 =\ we dont even have e85
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Hello guys I have a s2000 supercharged 495 whp on built f20c ct Pistons,Brian c rods and sleeves, acl bearing,arp head studs and all supertech head. 1000 miles on new build and tuned on e85.
I have infinity 6. I got gaugeart too and values wrong and I've tried repeatedly to get in touch(email)no response back from them..
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Powerj2- if u can't go to a shop and get dyno tuned (from an experienced s2k tuner) I would recommend an experienced s2000 tuner with e-tune.

Someone like Evans tuning or IG- Derf.tuned
This would atleast get you driving to be able to make safe corrections and fix any Gremlins so u can make that trip to a dyno later on if still wanted.
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Hey everyone! I need to help! Recently start piecing together my turbo kit. Turbo that I purchased (as seen in the picture) has a pipe welded to the exhaust manifold and is facing the wrong way. I have a pfab log manifold. The turbo came off an evo. Where can I take it to get cut off or is it even possible? Im located in orlando.

IMG_5227 by Emanuel Simpson, on Flickr

Any help is appreciated!
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