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Your mods and opinions on them:

Old 10-21-2014, 05:07 AM
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Just wondering if I install a high performance cat will the CELL or OBD2 p0420 pop up
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2008 s2k btw stock exhaust
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2008 s2k btw stock exhaust
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Originally Posted by LINESUPER View Post
Not sure if this really lands in the "mods" forum. Mostly because it is almost entirely for looks. But here are some pics of my engine "bling" project for this long winter rest. Pic of before and pic of after. Added, Megan exhaust header, ARC heat shield, polished fuel rail cover, custom powder chrome valve cover, intake, alternator, STB brackets and sparkplug cover. Chrome convoluted tubing, stainless steel hoses and hose sleeves, magna-clamp hose fittings, Ricks polished pulley set -



Almost forgot to add my own opinion of these mods -

Megan polished header - good purchase for looks, may have some mid range gains, but your better off with a cerramic coated header to control heat - remember I did this for looks.
ARC heat shield $$$$ Looks would have to be modified to use with engine torque damper, and it is very light.
Custom chrome - only worth it if you are anal about the look of your engine. $$$$$ And on a negative note, if I would not do the alternator the next time - to expensive, has big damage risks and can't really see much of it anyway. On the damage side of this, I found out the hard way - powder coat insulates the case of the alternator and if all mounting points are not cleared properly, the unit willnot ground and the voltage regulator gets destroyed - not cheap or fun.
Stainless steel lines, sleeves and magna clamps - big bling factor - zero performance - time consumming to install and has its headaches, but looks great.
Your fuel rail cover looks sick. Make it?
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Old 01-17-2015, 06:03 PM
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I'll chime in

OEM CR lip: perfect no complaints

Forbidden CF Mugen Rep: Looks fantastic but getting it to fit perfect takes a lot of time and patience.

Tamon Rear Deck lid spoiler: Nice clean look and easy to install with 3mm tape that has never come off in 3 years but clear coat is delicate. I currently have marks and stain on the clear coat for no apparent reason

Js racing 60rs dual exhaust: sounds sporty and much lighter than stock. Side angled dolphin tips are exclusive to this exhaust only which looks sick. Blue anodized tips will fade with time unfortunately. Yes it drones lol

Berk 63mm HFC. Passed emission in my state and flows better. So far so good

Work CR kai wheels. Great fit and finish for affordable wheels. Been driven through NY and NJ pot holed streets for the past 4 years without a bend or crack at all.

Flashpro and Tune: Worth every penny with my vtec lowered to 3900 and redline at 8400 on an 06 ap2. Much quicker throttle response and mpgs as well.

G2 Glossy black Caliper paint. Easy mod for those whose stock calipers look like crap due to every day use lol I painted them myself without talking the calipers off and so far so good..I honestly should've done it years ago

Swift sport springs. Love the lowered appearance but made my 06 ap2 slightly soft over bumps which some might like but is weird for me since I prefer the stock stiff ride but its a good balance between looks and performance till I get coilovers or CR shocks.

Previous Invidia N1 exhaust. Total shit!! I threw it out after the silencers cause the titanium tips to fall off on the highway due to the weight. I had no choice but to silence it cause the drone was too much to drive with daily.. I literally dumped it once I replaced it with my j's exhaust.. WORST POS IVE HAD ON MY CAR TO DATE in 5 YEARS
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Old 03-01-2015, 09:21 PM
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Engine Mods:
SOS clutch - feels like stock but holds much better than stock, I can easily spin in 2nd gear when I'm redlining it. $$/***

SOS flywheel - revs faster but drops them just as quickly. $$/***

Ingalls Stiffy ETD - Great bang for the buck, eliminates 2nd gear grind. $/****

Berk HFC - nice sound, smells a bit when it's cold but quickly warms up. $$/***

Buddy Club header - Gives the car some real character. I get some nice crackles and pops when I lift off the throttle. I'm not sure what the HP difference is until I get the car back on a dyno. At the very least I lost 10lbs by replacing the stock header. $$/**

AEM Infinity ECU - Picked up 10 hp after I got it tuned. My car put down 213 at the wheels before the tune and I think the ECU maximizes all the other engine mods. It's still relatively new so make sure you have an experienced tuner nearby to take full advantage of it. $$$$/****

AEM V2 intake - I can't really distinguish the induction noise from the header/cat/exhaust combo. Again, the dyno will tell the story if I make any decent power with it. $$/**

Super Sprint exhaust - Came with the car and I admit I wouldn't spend as much as this costs on an exhaust, I do love the sound and I've received many compliments. The only down side is that it will wear on you after 2+ hours of driving. $$$$/***

Moddiction countersunk shift knob - Great mod for the money. My arms are short so dropping the height of the shifter with this is great. $/****

JPM console cover and elbow pad - Totally transformed my interior. I hated the mouse fur carpeting on the console tunnel and this gives the interior a great premium feel that the car deserves. $$/****

Euroboutique steering wheel - Really nice piece of kit if you want to keep your air bag. I love the shape and thickness of this wheel and makes the car feel more substantial. $$/***

Wind Restrictor illuminated wind screen - Awesome craftsmanship and isn't as ricey as underglow but if you opt for the glow module, provides some functionality by giving you another brake light. $$/***

Modifry cell phone holder - Gives you a place to mount your phone if you're using it to navigate but I think it's kinda ugly and the mounting rattles. $/*

Modifry soft top fix - My top really didn't have a problem with it staying down but I thought I'd give it a try to see if I can notice a difference. I really didn't see much of an improvement $/*

iPod adapter - For those with a stock head unit and can't be bothered to buy a new one this is the best way to add iPod/mp3 capability to the S2000. $/***

red door inserts - I'm going for a red/black theme going so this adds a splash of color to the all back interior. $/***

Modifry glove box organizer - The first mod I did on my car! Just get it! $/****

Footwell LED lights - A fun DIY project to bring our cars into the modern era. $/***

Modifry shift beeper - Best mod hands down. Keeps my eyes on the road instead of staring at the tach. It'll save your life if you're on the Dragon! $/*****

SOS brake lines - Firms up the brake pedal nicely, much more effective and cheaper than a big brake kit, especially if you don't track your car regularly. $/****

Modifry sidemarker mod - Fun mod that adds a unique look to your S. $/**

Kinetic Custom battery holder and Shorai battery - Saved about 12-14 lbs on the front of the car. Make sure you get the charger with it. I don't drive my car everyday and during winter it kinda hibernates. Gives you the same cranking power as a standard battery but in a smaller size. $$/***

KW V3 suspension - Save for the driver mod, this might actually save your ass, especially if you're an AP1 driver. The car is so much more planted and predictable now. $$$/*****

18" TE37 Time Attack - These came with the car when I bought it and they look great. Yeah, the larger size makes for a rougher ride but if you want comfort, you're driving the wrong car. $$$/****
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Small mod: Relocated my start button where my soft top switch went.

Before putting everything back in, I went a bit further and got a trunk switch from a Malibu and soldered wires to work with the trunk harness. Colored the inside so it illuminates amber. Used an aluminum plug to mount the switch and get a good fitment.

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Old 03-30-2015, 01:11 PM
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Very cool !
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Old 11-05-2015, 12:06 PM
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Bloody hatch - Setup looks great! A step by step write up with pics would be awesome!
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Old 11-11-2015, 05:00 PM
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Exterior: AP1 oem rep lip Custom CF splitter APR GT3 mirrors ebay CF wing, doesn't look too bad and seems perform well. All exterior pieces was on the car when purchased along with the CAI. I've added the everything else.

Suspension, Brakes & Wheels, Tires: TEIN Flex w/EDFC Project Mu HC800 pads Stop Tech SS brake lines Enkei PF01 black Bridgestone RE11a

Interior: Modifry dash bracket cell phone holder, and glove box kit

Under the Hood & Exhaust: CNC 2.4 Stroker Kit (267whp) RLZEngineering ported head; Supertech Beehive Valve spring kit; ACL Race bearings; AEM V2 Fujita CAI; J's Racing ETD; Mugen Oil Cap; Bought this and the J's together used, real good deal couldn't pass up. Moddiction Blue Bling Bolts and Ti radiator stays.
Valve & Sparkplug covers powdercoated, wrinkle black.
Koyo radiator, Mishimoto fan shroud, oil cooler, cooling plate & blue hose kit
Berk HF cat T1R 70em single
When I find a good aftermarket intake manifold, I plan on sticking in stage 2 cams and adjustable cam gears, with a header to see how close I can get to 300whp.

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