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My 330 WHP F Series Stroker Build!

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Default My 330 WHP F Series Stroker Build!


First off I would like to make a shout out to Luke and Josh at 4Piston Racing. These guys have been absolutely amazing. Hats off to them for their development of their S2000 head, from the perfect CNC ports, their custom valves, PSI Indy valve springs, custom retainers to camshaft development. Their stuff is truly a work of art, and unrivaled in the industry.

Before I get into build details, we made 315 WHP at 8600 RPM on a Dynapack. Torque was around 205-210 ft lbs iirc. She would have easily made into the 320's if we kept revving, but I didn't have the balls haha. This was on PUMP GAS and a STOCK HEADER. For reference, stock S2000's usually put down around 195-205 on this dyno. My last year's stroker build with stock intake manifold, stock ap1 cams, stock header, 3" exhaust, J37 TB and custom 4" intake made 257 whp. The build prior to that was a very mild F24 with BC2 cams and everything else the same as last years build, and that made 250 WHP. The car is used for time attack, and the new motor should work amazingly well. All my previous stroker builds sucked above 6500-7000 rpm. Power and torque always falls flat on its face. The new motor is a real screamer. Best way I can describe the feel is like a modern inline 4 600cc bike. She's docile and pretty dead below 5000 rpm, but as soon as it gets to 5500-6000, it's like a punch in the face.

Now onto the details:

4 Piston CNC ported cylinder head, with race valve seat job and custom 4P valve guides
Ferrea stock sized exhaust valves
Ferrea +1 mm oversized intake, custom built to 4P specs
PSI Pro Stock Single Valve Springs
4Piston Retainers and Seats
Ferrea Valve Locks
Ferrea Valve Seals
All of the above supplied and spec'd by 4Piston.

Custom Billet Steel Cams per 4P Specs (no junk offshore cores like all the other guys)
I will not share the cam specs out of respect to 4Piston, since they spent so much time and money developing their profiles. What I can tell you is, they have insane amounts of lift and like to rev. Also, adjustable cam gears are necessary, as they will not drop in with stock gears. My engine builder and I spent an entire evening just to degree the cams, check for P2V and V2V clearances etc. These are a revelation for our motors. When comparing the specs to everything else available for our heads, it's a totally different design approach. They just plain work.

Urge AT Power Oval Butterfly ITB's
URGE V2 Vacuum Block
AT Power ITG Sausage filter
Everything excellent. The V2 block provides great MAP readings, and very good vacuum draw for the OEM brake booster. The ITB's work very well. Throttle control is amazing. The car literally drives like stock.

Rockstar Garage 3" test pipe
Challenge 76TA-RM Exhaust

AEM Infinity6
The more I tune on this ECU, the more I love it. Running this motor with the aggressive cams and ITB's with such ease and driveability is a testament to how amazing this ECU really is.
Custom Patch harness for 06+ to work with infinity.

DW 300, 340lph fuel pump in tank
Radium FST-R surge tank for 06-09 returnless system, with integrated pressure regulator and Walbro 450 LPH E85 pump
Urge AT Power fuel rail
OEM Fuel feed line replaced with braided -6an, split into 2 via Y splitter, and fed to both sides of rail
Injector Dynamics 725's

AEBS Sleeves, installed by InlinePRO almost 4 years ago, and still going strong! (THANKS InlinePRO!)
Custom X-Forged CP Pistons @ 13:1 compression, spec'd by InlinePRO (Bore is oversize from stock)
K24 Crank
URGE Fluidampr Crank Damper Pulley
InlinePRO Rods for K24
OEM Honda crank and rod bearings, sized and clearanced to our specs (not a fan of the ACL one size fits all approach)
BlackTrax Baffled OEM Oil pan (still going strong after 3 seasons, thanks BlackTrax!)

For any more details not shown here, please contact the respective suppliers and designers of these products.

Patrick from Urge is sending me one of his new Unicorn headers for testing. Will be getting it ceramic coated and then back to the dyno in a week or two. We ran out of time at the dyno, so we couldn't do any tuning on VP MS109 which I use on track. From previous experience with this fuel, we always pick up power. On my last 12.5:1 F24, we went from 257 to 267 just by swapping fuel and adjusting ign timing to suit. If the header from URGE works as expected, coupled with the gains from the MS109, I'm hoping to get to 335 WHP.

Josh and Luke at 4 Piston - Especially Josh for always answering my calls and txt messages. Really helped us to dial the cams in to where they needed to be, and for our target clearances. If you guys are serious about making power the right way, then contact these guys. Let them know Alan sent you!
[email protected]

Patrick at URGE Designs for all of his great products and dedication to our platform. ITB's, V2 Vacuum Manifold Block and Fluidampr pulley have all worked amazing.

All the crew at InlinePRO for making great products like their excellent rods for F24 stroker applications, custom CP piston development, killer AEBS block sleeving

My buddy Eric Lavigne at R-Division up here in Canada for letting me build this motor with him, and allowing use of his shop.

Brian at AdvancePowerHouse dyno tuning for always working so late into the night to get the job done well. Thanks for all the years of support, all the way back when we were running FlashPro on a stock Ap2 motor

UPDATE 2015/07/30

I found a pic I took of the dyno screen. That power curve is with a soft limiter of 5 degrees ignition retard starting 200 rpm before fuel cut lol.

Some build pics:

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Congrats on the numbers!! VIdeos please
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Nice numbers, would like to see a graph and videos once you get the new header and change fuel in a couple of weeks
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This is great!
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Thanks guys!

The only dyno print I have with me now is cluttered from various pulls. Will be supplying same day before and after dyno of the Urge header on street gas. And then another with race gas.
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The perfect s2k
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Originally Posted by tidus888 View Post
The perfect s2k
Agreed. NA, but with loads more power, and still 8600 RPM.
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Glad to see it all worked out. Now let's see some time attack numbers.
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Sounds like a very well done engine using work of some of the top Honda engine builders in the US. A few of questions:

1) What size is the motor? Without restricting rules (many racing classes are restricted to to bore size. It is common without restrictions to go to 89mm or 89.5mm. 90mm is possible. Was the stock crank left at 99mm stroke or was it offset ground for 1.771 rod journals and a longer stroke?

2) What piston compression height and rod length. I think the standard S2k piston and K24 piston has 1.181" compression height. I've seen 4Piston posts using a .945" compression height. That is nearly an extra 1/4" in rod length reducing piston acceleration and its stresses and improving secondary balance.

3) with the CP X-Forged strut piston a smaller, lighter piston pin would be used. What size wrist pin was used? Was it 4340, H13 tool steel or something else? Was it DLC finished?

4) What did 4Piston say about using the AT oval throttle bodies? I believe they are a big believer in Kinsler throttle bodies.

5) The AEM Infinity is a great ECU...raves all over the Internet. However, it doesn't have ODBII support. Since this is a street build, how do you get past emissions testing?

4Piston rates that PSI Pro Stock spring for 11000+ rpm..,it sounds like great insurance for missed downshifts.
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Thanks Nick! I'm very happy

Goal is to get into the 1:15's at TMP this year and sub 1:30's at mosport!
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Quick Reply: My 330 WHP F Series Stroker Build!

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