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To Tune or not to Tune...

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Default To Tune or not to Tune...

About to do my first upgrade to my S. Going to order T1R 70mm dual exhaust, Berk 70mm HFC, and do LHT airbox modification with K&N cone filter.

I had read with the improved air/exhaust flow I could lower Vtec to perhaps 4800 rpm. Any thoughts as to what would be optimal setting with the mentioned equipment?

Also, would a dyno Tune help optimize this new setup? Thanks much. 2006/DBW.

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A tune will definitely help wake the car up a bit and provide a noticeable improvement with the mods you mentioned. I have a similar setup and flashpro, there are a couple reputable guys who can do an etune just with data logs and what not.

Do it, you likely won't regret it!
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Yes, tune it. All those mods will make the car run more lean (DBW models already run more lean than the others). It'll cause your valve lashes to tighten faster and if you don't adjust them more often, you'll torch the valves. The tune will correct the A/F ratios and really wake the car up. Also VTEC can be set lower than that with your mods. I have similar mods on mine and my VTEC is set to 3400 after my Flashpro tune.
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I recommend a FlashPro tune by someone who knows these cars. A couple guys here can do it long distance using data you send them from various road "pulls." Gernby is (was) one. As is AP1Chief (see below).

My Gernby FlashPro tuned '06 has a 3600 rpm VTEC engagement that completely transforms the mid range power when the accelerator pedal is pushed forcefully. The rest of the time she's the normal pussycat just purring along.

I'm using the K&N FIPK, a 63.5mm Berk high flow cat (to avoid large exhaust velocity changes), and the Tanabe Medalion Touring dual exhaust to keep noise to an acceptable level. I'm convinced keeping smooth flow and preventing abrupt changes in the exhaust flow helps produce power. Dumping the 57ism mm exhaust header into a 70mm cat is an abrupt change. Someone here mentioned using a specially built tapered 63.5mm to 70mm high flow cat. My Tanabe exhaust is 60mm where it meets the cat.

-- Chuck

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Tune will always clean things up, and wake the car up as well.

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My ap1 is tuned n it’s night n day over stock
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I've never tuned my my2000 with aFe air filter, Berk 70mm cat, and Greddy SE 70mm dual exhaust. It does seems to pull a bit harder and rev a bit faster, even without a tune. And after riding in a few tuned S2000s, yeah, there's a difference with a lower VTEC point, but not much else. When I found out the tuned cars lost their CEL functionality, it was a hard no for me.
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Originally Posted by AP1Chief View Post
Tune will always clean things up, and wake the car up as well.

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Are you familiar with Ktuner? I have Ktuner on my Accord which I plan on taking off and transferring over to the S2K.
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When I found out the tuned cars lost their CEL functionality ???

-- Chuck
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Yes that totally depends on what kind of tuning system/ecu you are running, there are alternatives that keeps CEL functions.
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