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URGE designs Project thread

Old 10-16-2015, 07:25 PM
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Sounds great. Definitely would prefer a larger tip size though personally but definitely sounds excellent.
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Originally Posted by BeeB View Post
Wow that sounds really good. Looks to be very well made too. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by sillyboybmxer View Post
looks good dude.
What defouler did you go with? The 90 degree bend one or the traditional??
I went with t1r defouler traditional. I would recommend the 90 degree bend one as the traditional one does not fit in the first bung hole closer to the cat. I had to use the second hole.

Originally Posted by Urge View Post
Thoughts on the Drone??

Gernby not only designed it for that mid Range Punch, but the first thing I noticed when I drove my car 200 miles was it was the least drone I have had through 4 different exhausts...
Hmm thoughts on the drone............ZERO drone once you hit above 3k rpm...sounds amazon! Never experienced a performance exhaust that provides that
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Old 10-17-2015, 11:35 AM
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just got mine installed, wiped it down and started it up.
Amazing sound from the single,.....but, as I was doing the idle relearn(hold at 3k rpm till fans come on twice) the EPS light popped up. Does the EPS hold a code like a CEL? (this is an 04) All I could think of was the o2 sensor might have tripped it but wouldnt it be a CEL then??

Edit: Everything is ok. I guess doing that 3k rpm hold I did caused the vehicle to think there was an issue with the vehicle speed sensor. I guess you're not suppose to "re learn" that way as I remembered doing that for the coolant fill instead.
O well, turned it off and took it for a 10-13 mile flogging.
Amazing, better than I imagined and hoped for.

Cold start is nice and throaty loud, cruising at 70 in 6th is actually quieter than stock. No joke! and the best part, I am on a stock ECU (for now) and I feel like it pulls quicker through 6-8k rpm, all while being the best sounding non ricy exhaust I have heard. It is loud when you want it to be and blends in the rest of the time.
No cel's. Had to use the 2nd hole for the sensor as well with a Vibrant o2 simulator

now if I only had the ability to use Flashpro
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Originally Posted by sillyboybmxer View Post
IMG_0949 by sillyboybmxer, on Flickr
Looks great. I'm a little bummed out, the turn down tips were not available in the 2nd batch.
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Old 10-17-2015, 04:43 PM
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Just finished installing mine. Went together well.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to drive it yet. That will have to wait until tomorrow, assuming the snow holds off.
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Ah, sort of wished I had went with the turn down version now. Ackk!
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Ran it today at autocross with a quick provisional tune done by an awesome friend of mine. It definitely feels like more power over the HFC I had before. I got the single T1R muffler with turndown tip, and STR-legal gern-pipe and the car sounds absolutely amazing! I didn't have any issues with breaking sound at our site, and my car albeit noticeable, doesn't seem to be among the loudest cars there.

I had a little issue with rubbing on the frame, since I didn't weld on the extra hanger that goes to the diff collars, but I wired it up on that side and hopefully that issue is gone for tomorrow.

Here's a video from one of today's runs:

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Has anyone supercharged dyno'd? Only thing stopping me from getting the full exhaust is that I read the 63mm makes more power over the 70mm
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Old 10-18-2015, 09:05 AM
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New Greddy mufflers, correct?
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