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Tein SRC's compared

Old 03-30-2015, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by andrewhake View Post
Could definitely have been the case. If the perches are setup with drastically different preload than recommended and the car was just always sitting on the bump stop that would make a lot more sense.
Could of been that could of been a manufacturing defect, could of been different things and we just don't know since we never really dived into it.

What I meant to really point out is that the evs spec valving works for the price point it's sold at.
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Old 04-24-2015, 05:14 PM
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Forgot about this thread, and I dunno what it's worth, but below is a video of stock SRC's with 16K swift springs set 16/0 front and 16/16 rear. Mod list link in sig.

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Old 06-25-2016, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by maxrev View Post
Originally Posted by andrewhake' timestamp='1414551759' post='23386311
[quote name='helothere' timestamp='1414549079' post='23386278']
to Andrew,

on his post Rob states:

"The rear was raised by 3 turns to compensate for the “non-staggered” setup and to give it a slight rake towards the front"
Yeah I took that is meaning, the rear was raised higher than the front by 3 turns to give the car a slight rake to the front, which would increase oversteer if I am not mistaken? In a setup that is more prone to oversteer with the additional front grip. That is why I asked, I don't understand how that would compensate for non-staggered setup.
The rear is about 4mm higher then the front at this point. I raised the rear by 3 turns and would raise it by 4 turns or more if I am running some type of wing. In regards to camber, this car was never built for lap times. I am running -4 degree to keep the tires from destroying the OEM fenders...

How are you measuring your rake? From center of wheel to fender arc or from ground to lower control arm bolt head?
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Old 12-05-2018, 11:46 PM
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I got a set of HKS Hypermax SP coilovers and dynoed them, i'll post the info here since this is probably the most informative shock thread on S2KI.

I needed a set of reasonably priced coilovers for the track car and decided to give HKS SP a try, since many track users have posted excellent reviews. I was also very curious to see how it was valved.

first impression was excellent, out of the box each coilover was set at slightly different length to optimize the corner weight, eventho a track car still needs to be adjusted since the car weights differently to a stock car, still the attention to detail is nice touch. All the info are recorded in detail in the manual, they even provided the motion ratio that they measured, and they also provided the damper stroke range for both bump and rebound, I made a note of the ratio for future reference, as damper stroke movements with dynamic weight transfer are complicated to calculate, and I was always unsure what the proper ratio should be (basically the preload)

here you can see how much detail info they provided for this application, they've definitely went above and beyond consider the price range.

the shocks were then sent to proparts to get dynoed, dyno graphs are attached.

There are total of 30 clicks, I dynoed a sweep of settings 5 click apart from full stiff to 25 clicks out, for 1 front and 1 rear shock.

the compression setting on both front/rear at click 15 is very close to the ARE TEIN SRC setting that anorexipoodle posted, how cool is that ! 2 tuners working on opposite sides of the planet came up with similar compression curves !
The front rebound curve at 15 click is very similar to the ARE TEIN setting up to 2inch/sec, then after that it's softer in comparison.
The rear rebound curve at 20 click is very similar to the ARE TEIN setting.

then I calculated the damping ratio for all the settings.

couple of issues I noticed
1. the front shock at 15 and 10 click has the same damping force after 2in/sec, not sure if this was a production defect, now I kind of wish I dynoed both front shocks ! If anyone have dynoed both front shocks, let me know if you see the same thing
2. the front shock did not reach the max damping force listed on the HKS site, but since the damping ratio is already within my target range, i'm ok with it considering the price range.

keep in mind these are $1400, so I feel like it's already punching above it's weight.

now for the setting, just based on the damping ratio result, i'll try the fronts between 5 to 15 click, and the rear between 10 to 20 clicks.

for those of you who daily drive these shocks, you probably will see a very comfy ride at 20click out front and rear, maybe even 25click.

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i forgot to the mention these are 16kg/mm spring rate front/ and rear.
the ARE TEIN was valved for 16/14 front/rear spring rate
after i calculated the damping ratio for the 14kg rear spring rate on the ARE TEIN graph, the HKS for 16kg spring at 20 click out is similiar to the ARE TEIN.
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How much preload do you give to the spring? I have the EVS SRC. I use the Helper spring and 16kg springs front and rear
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