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AP2 SOS Stage 2 vs C63 AMG


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Default AP2 SOS Stage 2 vs C63 AMG

So I've posted one encounter I've had with the boosted S. I'm always down for a little fun in the S. Especially now that it's boosted, I'd like to see what my car can do against some unexpected challengers. I'm fine losing just as I am winning. It's all in the spirit of enjoying the S.

I'm cruising the freeway and run across a trio of beasts cruising very close to each other at about 70mph. The first car I see in the line is an M3, next is CTS-V, and the leader is a C63 AMG red metallic. I feel like a kid on christmas. I pull along the side of the M3 for about 5 seconds, speed up and the do the same to the CTS and of course the same to the AMG. I get no response, naturally. I can't fault them for not wanting to go with my little Honda. I continue to cruise behind them, next to them and in front of them for another few miles. I still receive no response despite my attempts. I chalk it up as if it's not gonna happen to I continue cruising along. About ten minutes later, they come back up again. I drop it, take off shifting at about 6500k just hoping I'll change their minds. Still nothing...I know this is getting annoying to me too. Finally about 10 minutes later they all fly past me in the far left lane doing about 90mph. I'm in the second to left lane. I just keep to myself until I see the red AMG fall into the lane to my right (second to the right lane). he slows down and I can hear him downshifting. ITS ON!

Hear comes the good part...I downshift from 6th...5th...4th...3rd. I hit 55mph to match his speed. I'm desperately awaiting the three honks...waiting...waitng and nothing. Next thing I know he just punches it. I'd say about 5 seconds passed from the time we downshifted and met speeds to the time he just took off on me. So he goes and pulls me by about a car length. I punch it, shift from 3rd to 4th. he is still about a car length on me. I have to switch lanes to avoid a car in front of me. He's still about a car length on me as we approach 110. At this point he pulls about another 1/2 - 1 car length when I cut it at 130.

I felt satisfied by that run. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to line up and go together as he probably just figured he'd run me into the dirt. I tried numerous times to get him to line up again. I think he was afraid he could actually maybe lose to me. I don't know if he would have, rather maybe just stayed pretty close neck and neck. I tried going with the the other guys as well, but neither of them would budge. All in all, I was very happy with how she did.

On the way back from the socal s2k meet yesterday 10 s2k's were cruising together. A black WRX wagon felt like making it known he was turbo'd by revving his engine to show off his cute little BOV. I wanted to make sure he knew he was nothing impressive so I met him at 70 mph and just drove behind him. I started getting closer and I heard him downshift and 'try' to take off on me. I stayed pasted to his bumper having to even let off at times to not rear end him. I figured after a few seconds of him still punching it and not gaining any ground on me he realized he was out of his league. I'm not bragging in any way that I beat a Subaru WRX but it's just nice to put some people in their place and surprise them with a little #sleepers2k action
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Sounds like fun!!! I'm sure the C63 and Wrx owners were like the wtf is going on. It's pretty exciting to run the car like that. Be safe out there tho....
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Old 02-10-2015, 06:08 AM
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nice death to the AMG...Im sure he was surprised Obviously he didn't know street racing etiquette
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I'm in San Diego and always up for a pull if you're down! I won't be much competition for you, but it should still be fun. LMK.

Edit: Whoops. I don't even know you're still active anymore, sorry for the thread revival. Seems like the racing section has died on here since I used to frequent the site a couple years ago. :/
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