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Built S2k vs Built Wrx Wagon

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Default Built S2k vs Built Wrx Wagon

Little backround info here I do not condone street racing on populated roads, towns, and cities Im very strict about this personally. The road we did this on is about 5 miles long and travels through a large forest of state gamelands and is absolutey uninhabited because of that and has almost zero other cars on it at night.

My build thread can be found in the FI section but to summarize...
2.4 Inline Pro Stroker 2.5ix Head
Built and ported Sot kit Mp62 Supercharger
Tein springs and stock shocks ( not the greatest roads around me )
SP stage 3 water meth kit
382whp 292tq

2013?!? Wrx Wagon
Built bottom and top end
Larger turbo, intercooler, meth kit
400whp 430tq

So while heading home lastnight from a mini golf and ice cream attraction in the middle of no where mountains of PA. I get on a road to head home with the intention of just a comfortable cruise home after some friends of mine and I all tore up a different very twisty road pretty well on the way there. I see these blue headlights flying up behind me and get right up on my ass on my way home. Heres its my friend in his built Wrx.

Ok here we go I guess so much for that comfortable ride haha! Now for the first 1/4 of this road ( refered to as road X from here on out ) its primary long high speed straightaways with some slight turns bouncy at times ( have this road memorized ) going the direction we were headed. We hit 90mph and these lights are still on my ass and well Im impressed so far.

But beyond that first 1/4 of the road is where its back to back tight high speed turns and S's 65mph+. Once we got there the gap started widening with each turn til eventually about 10 turns ( little over halfway through the road ) in the car was barely visible by the time I started the next turn ( probably 75- 100 yards behind ). Got behind some slower cars at this point and slowed down.

He did well for not having the road memorized he was pushing it pretty good! When he can do 75mph + through the entire road without dropping below that in any of the turns he should be much closer to me. I was probably at 75% of my ability I was trying to watch him a little incase he slid off the road.

We did some straight road pulls awile back from a 1st gear roll. Id have 5 cars on him by the time we hit a 100mph that video is in my FI build thread.
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Gotta be careful with subaru wagons in the twisties.

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^Never gets old
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Originally Posted by Gigdy View Post
Gotta be careful with subaru wagons in the twisties.

"ohhh nooo!"
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And that's why dont you lift/nail brakes mid corner!
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That should buff right out.
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Damn! I am impressed with how well the Subaru held up in that rollover. It didn't look like he was going all that fast, hard to tell. Unless he hit ice, it definitely looked like something a skilled driver wouldn't have crashed on.
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Hammering the throttle in the tunnel just to hear the exhaust, no doubt! (We've all done it!)

There are still 4 tunnels on the PA Turnpike and all of them end in tight left hand turns headed east. Not sure why but the curves at that point are fairly tight.

-- Chuck
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Cold tires, cold weather conditions (I see snow on the shoulder) and he probably wasn't wearing sunglasses either.
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