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1st world problems - Dress shoes getting ruined

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1st world problems - Dress shoes getting ruined

Old 06-13-2019, 11:28 AM
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Default 1st world problems - Dress shoes getting ruined

Am I the only one whose dress shoes are getting annihilated by using the S2k for the daily commute? I recently purchased four pairs of new dress shoes and all of them have fading spots above the heels (left foot in particular) within a few days. And skid marks on the toes?

I have a few pairs of driving loafers and obviously they are just fine. I have even tried polishing and waxing my shoes and still no good. Do you all use driving shoes all the time? What gives...
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Old 06-13-2019, 11:37 AM
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lol wut
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Old 06-13-2019, 01:25 PM
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Stop scraping your left heel as you work the clutch.
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Old 06-13-2019, 02:16 PM
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id rather drive with no shoes on then drive with dress shoes
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Old 06-13-2019, 03:04 PM
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I only wear soft-soled shoes when driving mine, for both my shoes and the car's sake. The original owner was a woman who drove in heels, so she gradually wore a hole right through the carpet. Finding replacement carpet is proving pretty much impossible.
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Old 06-14-2019, 05:08 AM
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I 3 season dd my S. I have occasion to wear dress shoes on a weekly basis. My shoes don't suffer the trauma you are experiencing.

Perhaps its because all my dress shoes have a more beefy sole, which extends out from the edge kinda like how tires with rim protectors work. I prefer shoes that retain some level of comfort and practically, while still being interesting. Perhaps this is why my shoes don't see that wear, its the sole that touches the floor while driving.

What do your shoes actually touch when driving? That portion of your matt is carpet, or some smooth rubber stuff? Or something more abrasive?

My matts are all carpet. I wore a heel hole in the first set. Rest of matt perfect. What a waste. So second set I cut a section out of one of those clear plastic carpet protectors meant to go under an office chair, to help it roll smoothly. So its semi stiff plastic. Cut a matt shape to cover half my matt. So it protects the matt that protects the carpet.

Since it only covers half, can't really see it in car. Plus its clear so matt color shines through. It may be protecting my shoes as well.
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Old 06-14-2019, 12:49 PM
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I have the stock carpet mats btw.

I can't drive bare foot at all though. It's like my brain can't figure out how much force to apply to any of the pedals. Very jerky and unsafe.

Based on the response I am guessing it's my brand of shoes thats the problem. I think I am going to have to leave them at the office
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Old 06-14-2019, 01:04 PM
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I can happily say that I wear dress shoes maybe a couple of times a year (only when having to travel to a customer that requires me to dress biz casual or nicer) now I either am working from home, at one customer (Which used to by my full time gig for the last 5 years) where I wear jeans, polo and some Nike skate shoes that blend in, or my other customer where I can wear whatever the f*** I want ....

But I would say its dragging your heal when using the clutch or your foot rubbing the dead pedal area. When I DO wear dress shoes, I tend to scuff them driving regardless of what car I am in.
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Old 06-15-2019, 07:30 AM
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I wear a suit and tie and dress shoes for work and I have been driving my s2000 for over 10 years and I never had this issue.
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Old 06-15-2019, 07:33 AM
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I have never noticed this problem with the S, however, I do have a bit of a similar problem with my dress shoes taking hits from the rudder pedals on an A330. Shoes only last a couple of years!
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Quick Reply: 1st world problems - Dress shoes getting ruined

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