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Unicron 10-16-2000 12:05 PM

Yep, I'm dropping the S off tomorrow morning to get the 1st to 2nd gear grind fixed tomorrow.

I let Honda service know that I had a grind problem with my S and I showed them the 00-055 Honda Service Bulletin the first of the month. They never called me back, and today when I finally got to the service representative, he asked me to bring the car in tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

VA S2K 10-16-2000 12:09 PM

Good luck Unicron! Hope they take care of your grind problem.

This afternoon, I'm taking my S in for TSB 00-057 - no stereo sound.

MotorMan 10-16-2000 12:12 PM

Who in Houston is doing your repair?

Unicron 10-16-2000 12:13 PM

I brought it back to my dealer...Gillman Honda.

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