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Any bourbon drinkers here?

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my drink of choice when I am out is Captain and Coke, just about everyone has that, but at home or when I can find it at bars and restaurants is Woodford Reserve Double Oak.

I am trying to find a good travel container that won't break for when I am traveling, since I do travel off the beaten path a lot.
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The +1 got a nice bottle of Basil Hayden's to take to our friends' house today.
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I drink Wellers green label. It's good & inexpensive.
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I love nearly all things boozeahol. We have a semi-regular bottle club at work, and we've had the good fortune of having nearly everything that's around a fair consumer price (and a few that aren't).
For Bourbon, my favorite go-to is Evan William's Single Barrel. An absolute price/performance winner. I have a bottle of that, and Basil Haydn's in the cupboard. My other favorites are Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig, and Breckenridge. My next treat-myself purchase though might be a nicer bottle of Weller.
For Japanese Whiskey, the +1 and I love Nikka Coffey. We don't have any in the cupboard right now. I feel like a bottle of that, or Hibiki should be in there.
The +1 is a big Scotch fan. I love the stuff too. We were in Scotland in October, and did a 4 day tour of Islay. As of right now, I just might love Scotch more than Bourbon.
Pro: we brought back 4 liters of Scotch from Scotland.
Con: No, you can't have any.
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Sour mash: Jack Daniel's on the rocks.
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Originally Posted by garrett23rd View Post
I drink Wellers green label. It's good & inexpensive.
I guess I will need to pick up another bottle of the Special Reserve....

Had it a year or two ago, and wasn't fond of it.

Its actually the only Wellers you can sometimes find on the shelf around here tho!
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Originally Posted by The Raptor View Post
Sour mash: Jack Daniel's on the rocks.
Thats what I drink, no matter what time, when I'm flying. But neat, no ice,
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Anyone drink Segrams?
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Originally Posted by Legal Bill View Post
Anyone drink Segrams?
As you probably know Seagram's 7 is a whiskey.
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There are a lot of bourbon's out there to pick from: Ancient Age, Angels Envy, Baker's, Basil Hayden's, Bird Dog, Blanton's, booker's Bowman Brothers, Buffalo Trace, Bulleit, Devils Cut, Eagle Rare, Early Times, Elijah Craig, Elmer T. Lee, Evan Williams, Ezra B, Ezra Brooks, Fighting Cock, Four Roses, Four Roses (SB), Hancock's Reserve, Henry McKenna, Jefferson's Reserve, Jim Beam, Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Select, Knob Creek, Lexington, Maker's Mark, Michter's, Old Crow Reserve, Old Forester Signaure, Old Grand Dad, Old Taylor, Penny Packer, Rebel Yell, Red Stag - Blackberry, Ridgemont Reserve, Rockhill Farms, Russel's Reserve, Ten High, Traverse City Whiskey, Wild Turkey, Weller Special Reserve, Woodford Reserve and some others I likely missed.
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Quick Reply: Any bourbon drinkers here?

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