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Do you have a number?

Old 03-14-2019, 05:12 AM
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Default Do you have a number?

I got to thinking after reading the threads about S2k valuations is there a number that would get me to sell my S. I realize the talk of a 6 figure S is limited to the CR but say the regular s became a 100k car would I sell. I honestly don’t know I always said I wouldn’t because I couldn’t repeat the experience of being the only owner of the car and I knew the care I have given it over the last,wow, 16 years but it is a lot of money.
How about you all what price if any would it take for you to part with your S?
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No price...I'm going to be buried in it. Well, maybe not, but the only way I'm selling is if I can no longer get in and out of it to drive.
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I have a price for mine, and I have a tentative buyer as well. No rush to sell it though, and the buyer is well aware of that.
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I should also say my nephew wants it, so TBD what I do.
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Old 03-14-2019, 05:57 AM
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Nope. While it has held it's value better than our other cars, it's still a 14 year old car with 106K on the odometer. It would not command the $ of the low mileage ones, so we will continue to enjoy it.
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I feel no need to sell it. I use it every summer as my daily driver and I use it in the spring and fall as the weekend, good weather car. I think I'm around 53K on the odometer. Yeah, if the value went up enough that I could buy a new or nearly new Boxster, I might consider it. But the Boxster is a four cylinder now, so maybe not. As I get older there may come a time that I let it go and price won't be as important as who gets it.
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Old 03-14-2019, 06:26 AM
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I don't think I'd sell mine because it's too much fun to drive. Right now my 2007 needs a new top and rear tires but I've driven in twice in the last two months in Colorado. I found out that summer tires don't like frozen roads, hence the need for new rear tires. It's also the third one I bought, my favorite color they come in and the only one I bought used, out of three, since they were no longer in production when I bought this one. It's been fixed and painted after a hail storm in Colorado Springs.

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I'll probably never be able to afford to replace it with something similar. Somebody would have to give me ridiculous money so I could buy something equal to or better.
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Done. You all know which one of these two I kept.
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I love that MG but never had one. It's my favorite color combo and the one I looked for in an SL550. Wound up with white and tan, close second.
Our S2000 is long gone as well.
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Quick Reply: Do you have a number?

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