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Is Vintage Unique?

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Default Is Vintage Unique?

I've wondered about it for a very long time. Is Vintage unique among car forums? This forum and S2KCA are the only two I belong to, so I really don't know what goes on in other places. I did join ClubSi way back in 2006 when I bought my first Si but I never spent much time there. It a bit too immature and wild. Reasonable, mature conversation has no place there. I have a new Si, but I won't go back to ClubSi.

Vintage is, for the most part a very civilized place. It's a place where you can discuss most anything from feeding the birds, to your next vacation to news about the latest celebrity the die. Sometimes there's even a thread about cars, and every now and again there's a thread about the S2000. It almost never gets heated and when it does our moderator steps in or someone else will and cools things down. We have a politics subforum so that those discussions that have potential to heat up don't take place in the main forum. I've always had mixed feelings about that, but it seems to work. And even in the politics subforum there is a certain respect and gentility and for the most part everyone remains civil.

A lot of friendships have sprung up because of Vintage, and when we do get together for meets, there is genuine warmth among us.

So I ask the question of those of you who do belong to other car forums, is Vintage unique?
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It is different from my other forums. Much more of a general community. I think it is so different because of the real world component. I'm surprised more social media groups don't push the e-community into the real world like we did here. It isn't hard to do. I think a lot of people want to be pulled off the couch.
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I'm a member of a BMW forum. It is very different than this forum. Not much personal interaction or topics such as we have. The main focus is on your particular BMW model. I like our forum much better. There have been a couple of real a--holes posting on the BMW forum.
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The Vintage forum has opened up a whole new world to me. I value the friendships made here and am so glad that Deb, Rob, and Jerry founded it!
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Originally Posted by jukngene View Post
The Vintage forum has opened up a whole new world to me. I value the friendships made here and am so glad that Deb, Rob, and Jerry founded it!
What he said. We don't have anything to compare this forum with, but we are so happy to have met and spent time with so many great people. It is so much fun to see people (even if only once a year) and pick up the conversation where we left off.

We haven't joined the P car forums or participated in any events. Somehow I don't think we would be as comfortable with those folks as we are with the people here.
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Of course, I think it is unique. Who would have thought Vintage would still be going relatively strong 15 years after its founding!
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Always enjoy reading the comments and the things that our vints are experiencing. As I read some remarks and meeting the people at SF, Tomcatt, etc. it always brings a smile to read them
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I'm member of guitar (Fender Guitars & Amps) and Tube Amp Forums. Along with WW2 History one. The Tube Amp one is unique, in that almost everyone is over 45 years old. Some have been in that hobby for 45 years or more. So every one is "vintage." And they can be some of the most ornery & OCD ppl!

The Fender guitar and amp one has the most young ppl. And that is one of the coolest around. There are a LOT of older techs online, that help the young ones with setups, recordings, rebuilding vintage stuff.

Here's my newly restored 1968 Fender Bassman amp and 2005 Gibson Les Paul DC Pro. Thanks, for viewing!

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I am a member of a couple of other car specific forums, another forum about racing that shall not be named and our local autosports club forum.

This is the only one that really has this area. I do really like it.
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