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Help Please!

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Default Help Please!

Hey guys so I am pretty clueless when it comes to the whole wheel set up thing! (Yes I've read the S2ki wheel fitment guide many times)

Here is my set up

17x7 Fronts
17x8.5 Rears
Offsets are high (cant remember exactly but I want to say +50 or higher)

I really am not happy with the overall look (I went with these wheels because I wanted a lightweight wheel/tire combo)

What can I do to make this more visual appealing (I know this is a pretty broad question) but it almost feels like the wheels are sunk in? Does my car need to be lowered a little more? Do I need wider tires? Spacers?

What would you guys do it if it was you?

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I'd suggest spacers if you want them to sit a little more flush with the fender. For the record, the offsets on the wheels are essentially the "right" offset for the car so it doesn't rub, much like the stock wheels.
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s2000 has high offsets anyway so +50 sounds about right. Its admirable you wanted the wt savings.

I can't talk about wheel spacers as I don't use them with my OEM rims but spacers will just move the rim out- It will do nothing to change the look you don't like.

Opinions vary, but i prefer OEM rims AP1v1, AP2v1. They weigh about 17.5 lbs F and about 18.5 lbs R give or take.

The issue with those rims- while being 17 inch- have a detail that gives them the look you don't like- the spokes don't go right to the rim edge.

So, what can you do if you're just going for the look? You could lower it, but then if you do that wrong you'll completely mess up what those Honda engineers spent all those years figuring out. A good OEM friendly combination pair CR shocks with the quality lowering springs from Swift. Much smarter people than me can chime in to give better advice.

good luck

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That setup looks really good in terms of offset. I wouldn't mess around with added spacers. You can improve the look by dropping the ride height.
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put the hubcaps back on and drive it. stock offset is 60 and 65
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You could lower the car more, but if you want flush fitment wih spacers you'll have to roll the fenders. If that's something you're worth doing then problem solved, if not you'll have to go with something ass agressive as you can go while still remaining in the safe margin
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needs more lower
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Originally Posted by afzan View Post
needs more lower

Looks off without being lowered, especially black rims
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Originally Posted by iDomN8U View Post
Originally Posted by afzan' timestamp='1455219708' post='23878183
needs more lower

Looks off without being lowered, especially black rims
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Originally Posted by hawkman199 View Post
Originally Posted by iDomN8U' timestamp='1455219962' post='23878189
[quote name='afzan' timestamp='1455219708' post='23878183']
needs more lower

Looks off without being lowered, especially black rims
Op..If you want some swift lowering springs PM me. I have a set in my FS thread almost new. This is what my car looks like with them. I have two sets...

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