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Back in July i bought.....

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Default Back in July i bought.....

The history...

I've pondered supercharging the S2000 a couple of times in the time i've owned mine (a now heady 14 years!). It's always featured in my thoughts since i discovered TTS, SOS etc. I don't know why, I've never felt the S was underpowered for the road but what the hell? I always loved the car, it was the right balance of raw/use every day and well engineered. 14 years tells the story i suppose (i've even featured in the Evo why i kept it recently)

Anyway, the £8k plus bill always put me off and i saw a few come and go on the FS forums but thought it was indulgent to own two and i'd struggle to part with mine, it's like one of the family after this long .

Fast forward to the start of the summer a very friendly chap called Arturs posted his car for sale on here, a low mileage 1999 car with one problem.. the engine had gone pop.

I went to see the car in July in Silverstone (an omen?). Cosmetically not perfect but very rust-free underneath and with the larger TTS front mounted blower (aircon matters to me!). Also had the basics like lowered suspension, big exhaust and AEM.

After some pondering about, thinking kit car or this i chose this....

(a tad low...)

One thing that worried me about the former was i would be in deeper (£25k?) and that would make it harder to get back back out of (i always need an exit strategy, fear of commitment according to the missus (we're not married)).

So the deal was done. Next stop, an engine. Again sourced from S2KI from the friendly (and as mental as me) Stephen (there's a story there too about an e30) A trip in a Rent-a-van and it sat in my garage for a bit.

I had to book in as Ray's skills are in demand but just after the bank hol a man came with a van and Arturs shed a few (manly) tears. Probably.

another van rental and some badass deadlifting later the engine went to Daytona to do the complex bit

Ray sent me this which was.. worrying

and this which.. well it looked clean under there!

fast fwd to early Sept i collected the car

[The Story so far....



So the belt didn't last long. Replacing this is a bit of a bitch too. They are consumable on these setups.
It's a Dayco 7DPK1558 - fits an early model VW Phaeton apparently, it's 7 ribs, 1558mm long (they all use similar nomenclature)

Basically removal of things like the air filter then a couple of difficult bolts (under the SC and right at the bottom of the bracket)

Wideband £160
A wideband is an O2 sensor (which can tell you whether you're running rich or lean), they usually come with a gauge.

The stock O2 sensor is often referred to as narrow band, they only work well at certain temperatures apparently. Plus there's no visual display with the stock car (if something goes wrong lean is what killed the previous engine we think).

So I bought an AEM uego on the advice of s2konroids. It's a simple fit, new O2 sensor in the decat (in this case) and run the wire to the engine bay and in through the bulkead. The gauge needs +ve feed, 10a inline fuse, earth and the sensor feed. It can pass a signal to your EMS with a single wire.


The rear pads fell apart - probably due to previous overheat on seized calipers £25
The coil packs caused a high rpm missfire, almost like a limiter kicking in. Swapping in my NA car packs resolved this. New ones were ordered from rockauto (Denso 673 2301) £173
The belt snapped as i hit the limiter on a mapping run £20
Spare front calipers in for refurb £300


New front boots from blackcircles - Yoko's fitted by the local In 'n' out and very friendly bunch of petrolheads they were £274

MOT fail but not friendly enough..
- obnoxious exhaust (solution is baffles i guess)
-too small front plate (i have a spare),
-worn front lower suspension bush (arse) £209 incl new arb (i cut through this in a hissy fit as i think the part is shyte) and castor adjuster


-RR session with logging, result was c380bhp (at the fly) at 12psi
-Refurbed calipers fitted - i drove my stock s2000 and realised how awful the brakes were in this car versus that (that has recent refurbs all round) (c£300)

Needs an oil change, brake fluid and probably gearbox and diff too xmas jobs haha

-The car hibernated for a bit over winter, it's really not at its best in very cold or damp conditions
-Catch can fitted (it collects some nasty shit and stops that nasty shit clogging everything through the intake)
-HKS hi power silent dual fitted and swapped the noisy Skunk2 to my NA car (still fricking loud) the HKS sounds great on the SC car but is not in great shape at all - cheapo stainless i guess. However it passed my homebrew static noise test at 14db less than the Skunk was with bungs in! I swapped a few of the bolts for stainless knowing it wont last and will need to come off again
-Scorpion high flow cat fitted - this has a core used in turbo pipes applications including Golf R where its much closer to the engine, they warranted this for my EGT assuring me 'it wont melt'

-Still needs an oil change so might do that tomorrow if the rain breaks
-brake fluid is done
-gearbox and diff fluid.. err still not done (shocking i know)
-SPA oil temp/water temp gauge ordered
-Sandwich plate ordered

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Awesome story man. Glad you got the engine in and i cant wait to see this thing out on the road! I should receive my SC today so another start to an exciting project. Just need to find the time to fit it and get it mapped! Let us know how she drives when up and running and fully tuned
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Haha! I didn't make this was your username!
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At the moment it's a bit ratty. The HT rattles like a motherfunkah with the BCs on, its fairly low and stiff. But everything feels spot on mechanically, very tight.

I think the exhaust might be blowing somewhere so its fairly stinky too (i dont think a skunk whatever has any actual silencers in it). My brain felt scrambled post the haul back from Daytona.

AJ, you're a legend fella. I was worried about damaging the engine (it sound very good harv) so appreciate your looking at the setup for me.

I spoke to Arturs on wassap, he's chuffed she's running again!
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Yea them Skunk exhausts are LOUD! i cant wait to see what my HKS single sounds like when boosted.
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Your car looked really nice mate, will be corking when she's done!
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So what are you doing with the other S Notty?
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Perhaps bizarrely my plan is to flog the M and keep mine.

That car has been so cheap to own and will likely prove more reliable than this one, and probably continue to slowly increase in value as a rarity if i keep the miles off. I wouldnt have this car as a daily, its abit extreme.
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Thought that Bratwurst box was a bit too sensible for you, Jason!


For me, it makes no sense with an NSX in the garage, but still occasionally my Irritable Brain Syndrome leads me to contemplate doing something exactly the same and deciding which S2000 I ultimately prefer...

The S2000 is clearly a car for mentalists...
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Nice one!

Disappointed though after 1000 mentions of buying an Exige over the last 1000 years you didn't go for one

But I'm sure you will turn this into something you enjoy. I'd get some nice Ohlins on there and a nice quiet Mugen exhaust
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