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Classic Car Values (S2000)

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Default Classic Car Values (S2000)

When does a car become a Classic? The S2000 was destined to become a Classic they day Honda Launched it in 1999 but is it holding up? Lord knows there has been plenty
written about it and scores of videos on YouTube. In the USA on the Tube I have just seen a Turbo charged S2000 delivering in excess of 1000bhp They love them to bits....If
you pardon the pun???

You may or may not be familiar with a company called Hagerty. The company is widely used in the classic car trade both for insurance and also for their classic car valuation guide.
They list the Honda S2000 here....

I found it interesting that values in the USA seem very buoyant compared to the UK market. Unfortunately Hagerty do not list the S2000 on their UK site which I found disappointing
and having written to Hagerty feel they do not seem to bothered about adding it to their list in a hurry, whereas, there are other Honda's mentioned, such as the NSX up to 2005. You
can have a play with their valuation tool here.

Additionally, when on my return from a trip in France I met a family from Sweden who were staying over on Hayling Island on their return from The Festival of Speed at Goodwood.
They told me that my 2000 S2000 would fetch around EUR17000 in Sweden and are very sought after, not taking into consideration mine is RHD. Are LHD's worth more perhaps?

S2000 values seem to be somewhat lower in the UK to me, which is good for buyers but not for investors.

I would be interested to hear what the experts have to say. Are we going to see the S2000 become a real Classic......and if so - when?

It is interesting to note that there are around 6000 S2000's registered in the UK at the moment and as an example 9000 MGB GT's.

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The price is very seasonal in the UK, lower now during the dark months, higher when the sun threatens to show up. Prices do seem to be rising for original unadulterated S2000 on a year on basis, but it's a very subjective market.
Beware of those who base the value of their car on what they have "seen one going for", it's not the asking price that's important it's the price it goes for. You can see this in action to a degree by looking at eBay prices, do a search on completed listings you will see what sells and what doesn't and what they really go for.
if you want to know when the S2000 will become a "real" classic, have a look at the age of other real classics.
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It has already started appreciating in New Zealand too. Bottomed out around 12k NZD (about 6-8k USD depending on exchange), now they are starting around 15k for higher mileage. It is summer though. Only ones I can currently find are 25k+, one is a molested 29,000km (~18k mile) and other is 100k and mostly stock. Lower mileage examples (under 100k) used to be around 18-21k). AP2s are 35k at dealers still, this has increased $2000 - 3000 in last few years. Makes me curious what mine would go for, 58k + LS3 (not USA = LS swaps are a novelty in most vehicles) with practically everything done.
They are definitely not going down in value, I want to buy a stock one for occasional weekend driving over the coming year or two, before they go crazy as a long term investment.
I'd also like to pick up an FD RX7 roller and dump a 20B in it.
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I have a 2004 in mint condition (16,200 mile's) and I looked into insuring it as a Modern Classic so I could agree a value. I was told by 3 classic car insurers that it has to be at least 15 years old before any classic car insurance company would class it as a Modern Classic
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If you’re looking to make cash dont hold your breath. If you want a depreciation proof car then furry muff, could fit the bill
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Do check out the January 2018 issue of the Modern Classics magazine: (scroll down to read a synopsis before deciding to buy the magazine)

It may give you an idea on anticipated values and an opinion on the S2000's outlook. They have also factored in the 'new model' that was talked about so much this year......
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I'm no expert, but compared to Belgium/Netherlands/Germany/France prices in the UK are much lower.
An S2000 has always been a rare sight over here and the last two years it's getting harder to find a clean LHD for sale with less than 100k km.

Due to these cars getting more rare and expensive here, people started sourcing cheaper RHD cars from the UK to sell them for a healthy profit. At the moment I'd say 7 out of 10 S2000's available for sale here are RHD.
A £6k UK car usually sells for the equivalent of £9-10k here in Belgium, so still cheap compared to a LHD which is another £4-5K extra. So yes, LHD cars are worth more compared to RHD.
Then again, the RHD UK cars are also worth more due to offer/demand here and most buyers probably not having the time/means to source a good car abroad themselves.

When compared to prices of 'similar' roadsters, offer/demand right now and value appreciation, I'd say a LHD S2000 might already be a modern classic here.
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The S2000 gets an honourable mention here, with the suggestion that it's appreciating in value.-
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But it's MSN cars - it's like being praised for your iQ by Joey Essex.
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Albeit a fun one to drive very hard
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