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Tyre pressure

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Default Tyre pressure

Hi guys,

Had the car for 6 years now and always run Hankook V12 Ventus tyres. Just needed 4 new tyres so gone with

2 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 215/45 R17 Y (87), Asymmetrical
2 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 245/40 R17 Y (91), Asymmetrical

I have always run with 32psi in the Hankooks, is this the optimum pressure for these tyres?

Cheers, Nige
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Hi Nige,

I currently have these, though mine are the XL version and I run with 32psi all round and everything is fine.

I have read previously that sometimes the tyre walls can feel a little soft, if you find this you could always put in another 1 or 2 psi. Won't hurt, though you may see a little bit of uneven tyre ware.

Not sure if that helps.
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bartonbeau (04-06-2018)
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I run my Goodyear Eagles at 31 all round and it's fine.. Not sure if I could tell the difference of 1psi on the road.
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My temps go up 4-4.5 psi when hot.
32psi cold on Ad08s still fairly new tyres also,if that makes a difference ?guess it does a little.
Just bought a Halfords tyre gauge,just cant trust the garage machines..
Edit: 31.5 F - 31R & with 225/255/17s

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I run 30psi front and 29psi rear on stiff side walled, semi slicks. Ths is on a slightly lightened, full Polybushed, stiff coilover car with wide 17" tyres.
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I have the same tyres and sizes as yourself. 32 all round has always been OK, tyres have always worn equally throughout the tyre
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did you fit the F1's in one go? Also did you get the XL version?
I've just fitted a pair of f1 as3's(non xl) to the back of mine and it's horrid.

Cheers Stu
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Old 07-22-2018, 05:20 AM
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Mismatched tires front and back are known to cause handling problems in our cars. Best fitted with new tires on all four corners. It's not just brand and tread pattern, wear also factors into this.

Goodyear Eagles are All Season tires and 3d tier all season tires as well so don't expect stellar handling from them. Tires I'd put on an everyday Civic for good wear and mediocre handling. There are much better tires at the same price (but with less tread life).

-- Chuck
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Had the doom mongers falling over themselves when I mentioned my car had AD08R's up front with S001's on the rear.....oh the horror, the horror ;-) now running AD08R's all round, the best tyres for any 2000 and any other 'sports car' for that matter.
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Just posted this on another thread.

"I've recently had to change tyres and had to lose the Bridgestones, I went with Michelin Pilot Sport 4, they are as close to the Bridgestones as you can get, they need to have very stiff sidewalls. Don't compromise on tyres, they have a major effect on the handling of the S2000, with cheepo's often referred to as ditch finders and for good reason."

Not saying anything's wrong with the Goodyear's, but from the FAQ

Tyre Pressures
Tyre pressures are crucial to the handling of the car, and it is recommended that they are checked regularly.

Standard pressures are 32psi.
Other tyres can be run up to 34psi or higher, to compensate for the softer tyre wall"

32psi was for the hard wall Bridgestones, to go lower than that on a softer wall tyres is bonkers, except for track days. Softer tyre walls need more pressure not less.
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Quick Reply: Tyre pressure

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